Ava and her family

Here’s the truth: I have decided I like the whole-outdoor/lifestyle session.. over the newborn thing.

Here’s the truth: Baby A is all grown up. Well not really, she’s 1!!


sb-1-37sb-1-56 sb-1-59 sb-1-76 sb-1-50 sb-1-38 sb-1-36

We can’t forget the big brother…


Say hello to beauty…. times three.


and the cute cousin-



sb-1-5Hey Ava, happy happy birthday little lady!




Chloe and Emmy-

Here’s the truth:

I am slowly getting more comfortable with kids. I finally decided that just following them around and then asking them to look at me once or twice gets me some awesome shots.

Here’s the truth:

These girls are not afraid of an outdoor adventure, or dirt, or rocks, or mud. I <3 that.

cande-1 copy cande-1-13

My fav- below. <3cande-1-15 cande-1-18 cande-1-25 cande-1-33 cande-1-36 cande-1-41 cande-1-48 cande-1-60 cande-1-63 cande-1-66 cande-1-74 cande-1-80Hey girls, thanks for taking me on a nature hike, i loved every second of it! Can’t wait to follow you around again.




here’s the truth:

1- this week I…….

2- apparently killed a snake with the mower. although I am still in denial….maybe it is from someone else’s yard, deposited in mine by a bird since just this AM I sent the hubby a photo of my snake (yes I am sparing you from said photo) peacefully sleeping in his favorite spot.. I am standing by my belief that it is not MY snake.

3-whilst trying to start said lawn mower i ripped off a finger nail. and no, i don’t mean I broke a finger nail, i mean i ripped the sucker off to the point i had to use three bandaids before it stopped bleeding through them.

4- broke a tooth. yes, it is friday and yes my dentist closes at 2:00-so yes, i have a gaping hole in my mouth.

5- you know how they made THIS book ( that i read almost to the point of memorization to the middle) into THIS movie. that’s how I feel.

6- On another note, I have been feeling the big 4-0 creeping up. I mean, really…. it’s begun showing up daily.. on my thighs.. around my eyes.. countless times in my hair. So, to combat it, i have been getting dressed. every.day. yes, i mean really dressed like jeans,  or something.. something other than my workout clothes. Does it make me feel younger you ask? no… just slighlty frumpy ( i need to go shopping) and uncomfortable.

7-who knows what this kid is thinking?luke-1

8- I also learned this week that if you give people the power to make you sad.. they can. and they will.

9- I  learned that watching 2 hours of Jimmy Fallon clips on youtube will make you laugh until you cry. Laughter really is the best medicine. I always thought that saying was, like, total BS. but after this week…. i have found some truth in it.

10- I just need to say it out loud one more time.. and I know, all of you, my internet best friends already know this, but I am just saying it again… if you start a sentence with- “Not to hurt your feelings but..” or “Not to be an ass but…” what ever you are about to say you should just keep to your FN self. Saying that before you say something hurtful does not lessen the hurt of whatever you are about to say to the person you are about to say it to. ugh. If you want to say something awful and hurtful, then just own it, and say it.

11- This.why do people always have to analyze things and kinda take the fun out of them? I too was totally disappointed when Hans turned out to be bad but, it’s a kids movie, not a real life situation. and hey, newsflash, sometimes people you think are good, aren’t. whatever.

12-last night I made THIS and asked my kids on a scale of 1 to “i know i am an awful cook” how bad was it… they pled the fifth. calgon take me away.

13- this weekend… well since I’ve had like a week of mondays… it doesn’t even feel like the weekend.


bryan- senior session

Here’s the truth:

I love senior sessions. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.

Here’s the truth:

I am still a bit intimidated by boys though. I mean, I can’t show them how I want them to stand, since, well I am a girl and they would totally look girly if they stood the way I do. But these. I love these. Nothin’ girly about them.


br-1-11 br-1-14 br-1-16 br-1-20 br-1-25 br-1-34 br-1-38 br-1-44 br-1-41My Fav. Hands down.

br-1-59 br-1-57

Hey Bryan, have an awesome senior year!


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- So, like everything this week has made me cry.

2- Somehow, while on youtube I ran across this.. and then I suddenly watched this. and yes, I cried.

3- I don’t want to get on my soap box here, at all, and after this blog post two words I will never utter again-Adrian.Peterson. WTF. No really, can I get a larger font size for WTF, and bold and underline. Better yet can I get it in flashing letters. WTF is wrong with you man? I have kids, I understand frustration, I get it. Hell, my sister has 4 boys under one roof (and two girls), you think they don’t fight, and push each other to the ground. Do you think they don’t hit each other, and yell, and reek havoc? Do you think they don’t wrestle each other, despite being asked not to, despite being told to stop, despite being told in a serious military voice to KNOCK IT OFF… but never, NEVER, NEVER (in fucking blinking letters the size of a billboard) would she, or her husband take a “switch” and hit them until they were bloody. I have to say it again, and I am sorry for the language but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you?????? Go away, take all that money you made and get some help. Get some fucking help. I don’t care how you were raised, I don’t care what the situation was, what part of your brain thought it was ok to hit your child until he was bleeding? I mean, hello, I spent three years in the great state of Oklahoma, where the lady who babysat my sister and I, yes, yes she did make you pick your own switch… so try again with your upbringing  bull shit. Not that I ever had to pick a switch. But I watched kids…. and there is nothing ok about it. Maybe this hit so close to home with me because the little is 4, and I can’t imagine ever hitting him. I can’t imagine what I’d do to anyone who hit him.  Anyway. enough.

4- I took a senior session last weekend.. guess what I saw-ey-1-56I am going to get my own TLC or Animal Planet show, katie- snake whisperer.

5-Today, I took the big lunch at school, because I was too lazy to get up and make it for him in the wee hours of the morning, what the heck do girls wear in high school? That is all I am going to say about that, and then just leave it alone.

6- My pumpkins are lame this year. I have two. Yes I said two. Last year I had 14, this year I have two???

7- THIS. awesome. best part is the last 2 minutes.

8- THIS made me bawl.

9- With the hubby at work, yes I said work, (YES!) I am actually missing him. Before he was driving me crazy and now I turn to tell him something and well… it’s not as fun to try to have a conversation with the little about.. well anything.

10- this weekend. lax. soccer. the norm.



Eunice- senior session

here’s the truth: you know i jump up and down when ever a senior contacts me. i mean, seriously, i jump up and down.

here’s the truth: i.love.this.session. love. every. image.


meet eunice. the first time i ever met eunice, i didn’t really meet her, rather she was on stage, a stage that i myself had stood on, and for the next week i sang the song i heard her sing. sang it so much i think i have a youtube video of the little singing it. yep,here.  ha!






quick wardrobe change and we were back at it..



my fav- <3ey-1-65ey-1-79ey-1-82ey-1-86

hey eunice, have an awesome senior year….525,600 minutes, 525 thousand moments so dear…



Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Two seconds ago, a bird flew into the window next to me, I screamed, the little came dashing in concerned, bird is fine and gone. I am still feeling just a little jumpy.

2- I don’t know why but THIS blog post annoyed the HELL out of me. My kids eat, whatever, and they are not fat, nor are they suffering from some sort of malnutrition. Whatever, I am not going to get on my soap box about this. I am just not.

3-I’ve discovered something that I never really thought to be true, but this week, it’s become VERY clear to me. Some people are selfish.

4- I know, I said no more, but I love this guy.snake-1-2

5-So, no judging when I say this, just celebrate the small things with me, or rather the large! The little, has been sleeping in his bed, in his room. Yes, I said his bed. Yes, he is 4 and yes I know to many it is very unacceptable that he was even in my bed to begin with, whatev’s… let’s move past the disapproving face and just celebrate this HUGE life change for me. However, the dog was quick to take his spot.. two steps forward, one step back.

6- You wanna know how to suddenly have a smile and feel a little less alone in the world, have lunch with someone that “knew you when”. Yep, it was awesome.

7- Can we talk for a second about…. snow? Yuck.Already?

8- I am also beginning to think karma is not ever going to come back around? I am ready for this year to be OVER.

9- This weekend… soccer, lacrosse, lacrosse,  and photo sessions!!!! who hoooo!!

10- THIS. because, never forget. ever.