my middle-

Here’s the truth:

here’s the thing about my middle- i love that:

she’s comfortable in her own skin, no make up, hair in a pony. she knows how she feels about things and is ok voicing them, when the time is right. she will always hang with her little brother, no matter what. she is just as smart as she is beautiful. she knows the definition of hard work and isn’t afraid of it. hearing her play the guitar makes my heart sing. she knows no one is perfect, and sometimes rather than be popular and perfect its more important to be.. happy and drama free. she’s serious and silly at the same time. she’s messy, #1 way to tell she’s mine.

here’s the truth: she rocks.






There may have been some Taylor Swift singing…. somethings about shake it off…


my fav- <3time-1-31



Hey middle, thanks for putting off your homework for an hour so I could mess around with white balance, ISO and shutter speeds.

XOXO- mom

Thursday’s thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I did not watch the VMA’s. I actually had no desire to watch them. I also did not watch the Emmy’s… Gaaaaaaa I’m getting old. I used to wonder how my parents could NOT watch awards shows. Like what was wrong with them, I chalked their lack of interest in anything cool up them being old. Ugh, I’m old.

2- Speaking of my parents, I am slowly morphing into them. No really, I ,like my dad, make lists so I remember things. And apparently I now need a window AC unit in my room despite my house having central air. Guess who also has a window AC unit. Yup, my mom.  Yes, the house AC is on and  so is my window AC  to ensure my room is a balmy 67. SMH.

****below is a brain dump… sorry***

3- So- here let’s just lay it out there, my dream of senior photography is not happening. No I didn’t like bust on to the scene with some awesome portfolio with top name HS seniors. (Does that even exist?) I couldn’t even bring myself to advertise in the local area paper. I did however pay $200.00 and put a flyer in the HS’s mailer to all the upcoming seniors. That got me, well, no where. Money poorly spent. Yes, I am bitching, and complaining, and feeling sorry for myself. So stupid. I have NEVER tried anything because in my brain, why try when failure is eminent. Boom, idea to fruition. Here’s what’s even more annoying to me, I have never looked at a senior session and been disappointed in myself. Never looked at the images and thought, man, I could have done so much better. I love every single one, probably because I LOVE to take senior pictures. AHHHHH  So how is it that the one thing I feel pretty confident in, I am just not successful with? I need a personality change. I totally need to be able when I meet someone who has a kid in high school to say ” when you are ready for senior pictures call me” because right now, that just doesn’t happen. That is just not me. Even in my previous profession, we were suppose to make sales calls and ask realtors for their business and I would rather a write up in my personnel file than make one lousy phone call. Hello, I can’t even ask the neighbor to take my kid to school, it makes me uncomfortable. I need to find some book on how to believe in yourself  or something.

****segue to next brain dump****

4- So I was looking at some page on FB- someone lead me to it, where a lady was looking for senior photography. It is AMAZING all the people out there that call themselves photographers. No really, I have decided that perhaps they are the reason I am failing, well that and my lack of self-selling. Sadly, I clicked on all their links, looked at all their pictures and they are AWFUL. So the 10 0n-line classes I have taken, the $300 in books I have purchase and read, the actual class rooms I have sat in, all those things make me pretty good at photography. Add to it the 1,000’s of blogs I have read about F-stops and lens choice, and how to position a senior girl with out making her look trashy, those other people out there, those damn other people out there- they didn’t do anything but purchase a DLSR camera, put it on auto, and start charging people. No wonder people laugh when you want to charge them say… $150.00 for an hour at a location and 8 images. Yeah, it seems like a lot of money, but I put a lot into making sure you get your money’s worth. Ugh. I now understand the uproar by other photographers about “faux”tographers. What’s even more lame, is when I look at the year book. Man, 1 in 10 seniors actually have good, real professional, pictures. Whatever.. I’m getting more angry each word I type so I am just.. refocusing.

5- I love this picture. For all it’s imperfections… love. time-1-6


time-1time-1-157- It’s official, I loathe afternoon pre-school. I feel like I’ve wasted my day. By the time I get him there he may be: clean.. or he may be filthy with remnants of lunch on his face, under his fingernails, on his shirt.. who knows. He may have tried to fall asleep on the 2 min drive to preschool so that pretty much equals a cranky kid.  It’s like, I am never sure who I am dropping off. Then I rush home and think I’ll go for a run, but wait.. I’ve already gotten up, showered, eaten two meals.. I really don’t like to run with a super full belly.. so instead I sit down, on the couch and watch.. tv? No this is not how I envision spending my free, kidless time… in front of the TV. But then when I realize that I have now sat in front of the TV for an hour, what the hell, I only have another hour before the pick up kids cycle starts, and that is not enough time to really do much so…. one more episode of ________________.  I have to make a change.

8- What the, what the?

what the what the?

9-I’m still obsessed with snakes. I am just sparing you all the pictures. HA!

10- my middle took these. she rocks.



11- So the little has been dressing himself. I mean, like, picking out his clothes. He suddenly refuse to wear shorts…. Needless to say I am never really sure what he will comes downstairs in. I’m ok with that though, life is too short to worry about what your kid is wearing, as long as he likes it.. then that is all that matters.

12-I have finally found a reason to return to country music. Eric. Paslay. Haven’t hear of him? Check out deep as it is wide, she don’t love you, or friday night. <3

13- This weekend, time to live up the last long weekend of summer-


deb, maggie and will-

Here’s the truth:

“I love the sunflowers”, said deb. I heard, sunflowers? sunflowers? they are huge and how do I incorporate them into a family picture without a gaggle of “assistants” to hold my ladder and sun shade and well, sunflowers?…. My husband heard, get out there, try it, stop worrying you won’t get the “perfect” image and just have fun.

Here’s the truth: I these. 30 mins. Well maybe 45 if you count the driving from one place to the next. 30 mins and I love love love these.











Here’s the truth 30 mins, and each image makes my heart sing. Hey deb, maggie, and will… thanks for the constant rearranging, the “will do something different with your hands”, the driving me from point A to point B while I babbled about life when I was in high school. Ahhhh…. suddenly I feel old, but anyway. Thank you guys, I hope you love these as much as I do.

PS- hey will, this is my FAVORITE pictures. no seriously, it is…



Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am STRUGGLING with getting in a “back to school” groove. No really, I spent the summer getting up at, say…. oh… 8:30- So getting up at 6:15 is almost killing me off. At like 7:00 PM I am done, like a cranky toddler, put me in bed and let me cry myself to sleep.

2- Let’s talk about it…….  Let’s acknowledge that the first week of the #alsicebucketchallenge was awesome. The second week, still kinda cool, as we enter the third week, yes it’s a bit redundant, bucket after bucket being dumped and becoming less and less fun to watch… But guess what. I.DON’T.MIND. No really. Ice bucket away. Waste all that water (and you people complaining of the water waste, ugh- I have NO words for you two words for you SHUT UP. (side, side note: why do people always have to find something to be up in arms about?)) because THIS- Yeah, that, made me cry like a baby. Made me thank God for my healthy family. How about THIS. Yup, that too, made me cry, and I  think if I have to dump ice on my kids heads, and send in a donation to raise money and awareness for a disease that not many people understand, well then that is what we will do. And I made my kids do the research, understand what ALS is and why it is important to not just throw some ice in a bucket because social media told you too, but raise awareness and money for a cause.  THIS article I love it.

3- So, Bruno Mars. Yeah. If you haven’t seen him, you should. Yes, it is a production meant to entertain, yes he is overplayed on the radio, but HELL YES he is mad talented.

4- Photo dump time-

vole-1-2Found this guy in our back yard, yes, we know he needs to go…

vole-1Someone else is pretty sure it needs to go-


You should see the tunnel peyton dug up, if that thing is still in our yard it is scared sh*tless of the dog…

Guess what I found in the front yard- <3


5- I am so sad that summer is over. I mean, I know that summer isn’t technically over, but, well– you know what I mean.

6- THIS is on the menu tonight. Thank you Paula for the idea of them in layered casserole form.

7- Let’s talk TV. While I am so sad that summer is over I am so ready for Fall TV. FOOTBALL. Ready for Scandal, The Walking Dead, and the last season of Parenthood. And can someone please tell me why my favorite shows always get canceled? Really, Parenthood? Why are you ending?

8- So, I have a confession. I actually thought jack-a-lopes were real. Seriously, my husband might have had a good laugh over that.

9-What is this? Not a pumpkin like I thought.. Not a squash? Not a watermelon… what the heck?boys-1-2 boys-1-3

10- End of summer fun. Love these boys-


11- This weekend- Who knows. I kinda like that!


megan- senior session

Here’s the truth:

I love seniors.

ms (1 of 1)

Like, seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE.







I can choose my favorite… I keep thinking this one, wait maybe this one… or that one.. never mind. I love them all.






Hey Megan, thank you… thank you for reminding me just how much I LOVE what I do! You are beautiful inside and out!

Have an AWSOME  senior year; Here’s one of my favorite songs from my senior year. Go ahead, laugh it up…. I am just listening to it.





Here’s the truth:

I met bryson when he was still cooking-


Then I met him outside the belly:


Then he turned 1-You never know with a one year old if they are going to laugh, or smile, or really not spend the entire session crying. Bryson rocked it!

bl (1 of 1)-5bl (1 of 1)-8

bl (1 of 1)-13bl4bl13bl7bl (1 of 1)-30bl (1 of 1)-33

bl (1 of 1)-15bl (1 of 2)-2

bl (1 of 1)-31Hey Bryson, Happy Happy Birthday little man!


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I will miss lazy summer mornings, like this:

ljw (1 of 1)

2- I skipped last week because, well.. I had written a true to the word “blog”post. You know like, full of words and thoughts and well, a lot of babbling on my part. It was is all about  being “that” parent and how maybe I am, but then maybe I am not. And is it bad to be that parent? but then I didn’t have the courage to post it.

3- THIS.

4- Can I complain for just a second, oh I can, thanks-  This year the little is going to Pre-K in the afternoon. Ugh. It’s like….SO.ANNOYING. Here’s why; the middle, she get’s out of school at 2:40, but you really have to be in line by 2:30 or you might as well just plan on waiting until 2:55 to pick her up. The big, he’s out of school at 3:00- but depending on his after school activities may or may not be ready for pickup at 3:00- the little he’s done at 3:30. Sooo…let’s just look at this>I drop the little off at 12:30- then I am leaving the house at 2:25 to grab the middle, only to wait until 3:00 to grab the big, so now the question is…  Do I take them home and then run over to the pre-school to pick up the little or do we all just sit in the car for 25ish minutes? Hummmm,  And in the real world what can I get done in 2 hours? Not enough time for say, a Dr. Appointment, but enough time to grocery shop for the week but not enough time to grocery shop and put it away, unless I make the middle wait for me in the library, but the problem with that.. NO service in the library so when I get there to finally pick her up, she has no idea and now I am mad that I am just sitting outside the Jr. High… it’s a vicious circle.  See the the #firstworldproblems of my life? I know. I should just stop complaining now.

5- Beef Jerky, why is it so good and so bad, all at the same time??

6-So, I’ve started running, again, because after 4 years I have finally scheduled some family photos. I am actually excited. The husband.. not so much….

7- There is something wrong with me. I can’t stop eating caprese salad. No really. It’s almost like there is not enough fresh mozz, basil,tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar  in the world for me. What on earth am I deficient in that I am craving that?

8- I’m sure you are dying to know if I’ve starting cooking again. nope.  I almost cringe when anyone asks me what’s for ___________. I need someone to just plan the meals for me with a shopping list. Then I would totally go to the store and make dinner. I just have ZERO drive to plan- well anything for that matter.

9-I just spent the better part of an hour listening to hits from 1993 while reading a blog full of pictures and inspirational thoughts that I wish I had written. Could it be that I am already in the winter funk despite it only being August?

10- This weekend, a little family time and a little camera time. Two things I love.