Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I kinda want to change the font of my blog, but for some reason I can’t. That annoys me.

2- Today I had a total parent fail. A song came on the radio and the little was totally jamming out to it. When it ended he asked me to get it on my phone. So I pull up youtube, locate the song and bam, happy little in the back seat. Well…. little did I know the video was not edited. So over and over again the F bomb was sung. No really… don’t believe me, have a LISTEN. I do still love the song.. but umm… need to buy the clean version for the little.

3-Speaking of the little… someone may have had his first soccer game.


This next one makes me laugh so hard.. his little checks are so big they bounce when he runs….


4- So.. I may have done NO preparation for Easter. Like I have nothing but empty baskets…

5- Oh I’m lying to you, we dyed eggs last night. Nothing like the smell of vinegar and farts in your fridge. Never mind that my thumb and first finger on both hands are totally dyed too.

6- My truck is dangerously close to hitting 100k miles. I have never owned a vehicle long enough to put 100k miles on it. Really.. I feel like I just bought that truck yesterday, or 10 years ago, man times flies. Anyway, that makes me have, like, total new car fever. Alas, I don’t NEED a new car I just WANT a new car.

7- So this week I actually clicked on a majority of the links that appeared in my news feed in FB. I thought, heck, people share these so maybe I should read them. The things I learned:

a) dogs reuniting with their solider, after they have been deployed, makes me bawl. Like a baby…

b) I can get sucked into a blog faster than you can imagine.

c) funny cat videos don’t make me laugh.

8- For those of you that didn’t click on THIS link- you should.

9- The little and I have a date tomorrow to see THIS. Please Disney… don’t let anything die or I will bawl.

10- So, ummmm, yeah… here it is… the new… well… I mean… ok, so take a look let me know what you think-

Katie Marie Seniors

11- This weekend… well you know-Lax, Lax, Lax, Soccer and The Easter Bunny is hopefully coming!



Devon and her men-

Here’s the truth:

Babies still scare me.  Ever since my the “newborn” attempt, really anyone under the age of 2 scares me.

Here’s the truth:

This little man was determined not to smile at me, but that’s ok, when you are as cute as he is.. smiling is over rated!

Devon2-1 devon6bw-1 devon9-1 devon11-1 devon14-1

devon28-1 devon22-1 devon26-1 devon19bw-1 devon7-1


Here’s the truth:

I loved every second I spent with this beautiful family, and my favorite shot of the whole session was one I haphazardly took as we were leaving-

devon33-1 devon34-1

Here’s the truth:

Hey Devon..

Best of luck to you, Tim, and Jack as you start a new chapter!


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am almost ready to launch my new….. project. It totally makes me nervous and I have the pukey feeling anytime I think about it.

2- I am STILL freaking sick/ill/cold/something… Still living in a  haze of some sort of anything that offers “feel better”.

3- Because of said cold I have not been able to run… all those wonderful numbers that were on the downward slide… they are climbing back up. Gross. Please phlegm, LEAVE MY CHEST.

4- I do have a serious question that has been bugging me for a while now.  And the most ridiculous thing about what I am going to  type is the situation is so “high school”, yes I just said “high school” because really, there is no better explanation than that. Backstory: you were friends with some one… seemingly close friends… and they hurt your feelings, but you just moved on… hurt feelings and all, until they really hurt your feelings, and then voted you off the island abruptly with out telling you why. So now with really hurt feelings you chalk up the friendship to over, not knowing what you did, or how to even address the situation, and close that door. However, being the cliquish little bubble that is the area you live in you see that person. Frequently. At the store, school, sports, you name it. Do you:

A) Ignore said “old friend”- I mean come on they hurt your feeling and then gave you the boot with out even looking back-

B) Pretend to not even see them.

C) Smile, murmur hi, and then run for the nearest exit.

Seriously, I am at a loss here. I have ALWAYS taken the high ground my whole life, but I don’t know in this situation. How do you handle that? I mean after spending hours wondering what you did wrong, and mulling over well maybe when I didn’t do this, or maybe if I had done this…. does that person really deserve the higher ground? Ugh. I know. So HighSchool. Please- help me.

5-So, when I opted for the HUGE pantry… I failed to notice that the one and only junk drawer I have is now gone. Might not have thought that through.

6- I have been uploading all my CD’s- I have found this is taking longer than I had initially thought, and, well, that is because once I’ve uploaded them I tend to, well I mean I just HAVE to listen to one or two, or five of the songs. And then I forget to eject the disc and put a new on in. I think I have hit the old school Country box.. what do you think?photo


7- So we spent last weekend in Steamboat Springs. Let me tell you… If we were made of money, and could live in the place we stayed, I’d move there tomorrow. So.AWESOME.

8-Out of desperation I just pilfered one of the big’s Allegra allergy pills … perhaps it’s allergies I’m suffering from?

9- I know if I attempted to make THIS I would fail… is there anyone out there who might make it for me? I think my main problem is I love cheese. I might eat all the cheese before I actually make the sandwich?

10- This weekend.. well let me tell you, and I fully expect a pity party from you all, unless you have more than 4 kids and then I will totally throw a pity party for you. My husband it coaching a LAX team. He’s an awesome coach, I once heard him described as a man born to coach, but for the first time we have no (ZERO) kids on his team. So with the big playing LAX, the middle playing LAX, the little playing soccer, and the Hubby coaching LAX.. well this weekend we have 5 games. 6 if you count the one on Sunday for the Hubby. The good news… the little, middle, and hubby are all at the same place. So it’s just a matter of running from field to field. sorry Big- I’m going to miss your game:(  Back to it, this weekend… SPORTS! Boom. (Please let it be warm and not raining)

Thursday’s Thoughts:

Here’s the truth:

1- The middle turned 13 today. yup.. in case you missed it, HERE is the video I made her.

2- When I took her lunch and cupcakes this happened..



Apparently whatever was in the zippy bag was delicious.

3- So last night for dinner I may have had oatmeal cookie dough..

4- A friend posted THIS on FB yesterday. I.LOVE.IT.

5- I have broken EVERY nail in some weird place… and despite massive amounts of filing.. the cracks keep catching on things. So annoying.

6- Almost as annoying as this tunnel I have been living in since the onset of said head cold. (I so want to put a hashtag here).

7- Can we spend a minuted talking about my hands. Since when do hands age? I have been applying every type of age defying face cream for the better part of 10 years now… but no one said anything about my hands. Do I need age defying hand cream? Do people look at my hands and get as freaked out as I do about how old they look? I know, this is not a “real” situation, but the more I look at them, the more concerned I get.

8-I left my camera charge in FL. I have been using my camera sparingly as I have NEVER let it run out of juice and not had a way to re-charge it. I’m telling you, I am surprised I didn’t leave a kid there as scatter brained as I was. Dayquil makes you feel better while living in the cloud it places you in.

9-I can’t get enough of this- I would eat it every meal-



10- This weekend… mini road trip, Steamboat Springs here we come!


Thursday’s Thoughts… on Saturday-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am still learning all the in’s and out’s of my mac…

2- The thing about traveling on the day you normally write a blog.. you just don’t do it. Oops.

3- VACATION.WAS.AWESOME. Blog post full of pictures to follow… here’s a little sneak peak



4- I did however get some sort of cold two days before I left… that 10 days ago, and I’m still battling it. I can tell you there is nothing like a 3 hour airplane ride with a 4 year old when you feel like death. But I smiled and powered through, despite not really having a voice for 5 days… and coughing for what seemed like FOREVER.

5-So we went to Universal Sutdios. I’ll admit I was a little worried about taking the little there… but he LOVED it. Despite both of us coughing through it, it was super fun. I can tell you I am so glad that I bit the bullet and paid a little extra to stay on the property and get the fast passes. Totally worth it!


6- Can some one please tell me what the fascination with all the 3-D motion rides is? I loathe them. The longest ride we waited for (about 30 min’s) was the Harry Potter ride that is housed in hogwarts. I’ll tell you it is pretty cool the way they have you wind around and at new each corner there is something … talking pictures, dumbledors office.. but what isn’t cool, the ride it’s self. Well, the middle loved it, I just shut my eyes the entire time for fear of getting super motion sick. You’re moving, the screen in front of you is moving- I totally had sensory overload. Give me a good old fashioned roller coaster like this- the big and I rode this.. like second ride. Totally awesome.


7- So.. a little demo happened at home while we were gone. Yea! This use to be a super small little pantry with a desk type thingy next to it with over head cabinets. Now, boom SUPER PANTRY! Can’t wait for it to be done!


8-  So I have this weird thing going on.. like.. I feel totally weird if I wear my dansko with with socks.. but some random color of sock and I’m ok? What is up with that?

9- Fine, I’ll let you in on my secret… I kinda want to move to FL. The thing is… you go there to visit and it is green, and warm, and beautiful. Then you come home to .. yellow/brown… dead trees.. dead grass… cold and it’s such a reality slap in the face. Like welcome back to the grind… If only I could get the public education my kids get here.. there….

10-So.. I just spent $95.00 on “gear” so the little can play soccer. What the what the? He’s 4… and he needs 95 dollars worth of gear. Sad.

11- So the big is in Branson at a singing and dancing thingy… In case you want to see him in action.. CLICK HERE altho that one really doesn’t show dancing.. maybe next week I will put one with more dancing,

12- This week.. the middle turns 13, where does the time go?


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1-I LOVE this picture and I am not sure why? It’s grainy, it’s out of focus..but I still love it.


2- So, the thing about my mouse now that it is being used with a Mac.. the little roller thingy, you know the roller thingy on the top of the mouse, it works backwards now. Seriously, so I am re-teaching myself how to use the roller thingy on my mouse. I know, so small and yet I am whining about it. Imagine living with me…

3-Last week I came to the realization that my favorite part of the day is right after I drop the little off at school and I get back in the car to silence.. until I turn the radio on to something I want to listen to. Not the same song over and over again by the little, or the same song over and over again, with all the bass turned up by the big, or really.. the same Taylor Swift album over and over by the middle. Yup, I love those few minutes on the drive home.

4- Panino’s is dead to me. Don’t ask, just know that it is dead to me and I already miss it. It’s been two weeks. Can someone please go get me an order of breadsticks and a Turkey Ranch panino.

5-So this happen yesterday on my new Mac.Photo on 3-12-14 at 6.33 PMoh and this…Photo on 3-12-14 at 6.32 PM #3

6- So the little has this awful cough. It’s like he’s drowning in what ever is living in his lungs, so he’s been playing hooky from school and swim lessons. Tuesday I took him to the “biggest toy store ever” where we spent the better part of 2 hours perusing every thing, in every aisle. Yeah.. it was a long 2 hours.

7- The big told me THESE made me look desperate. Yes, he is a total jerk face, but he told me he only tells me things like that for my own good. I’m tempted to post the photo above to his FB page.

8-Will Game of Thrones EVER START AGAIN? Please? ( although on a side note Scandal is FREAKING AWESOME)

9-Since we are talking TV- fine I’ll address it… 24. Yes I said 24… it’s coming back. Am I excited or concerned it will be lame and forever taint my memories of Jack Bauer? A little of both I think.



10- A friend of mine recently posted that she is over planning dinners. I have to second that. I’m over it. And now that the husband works in the basement, I am also over planning breakfast and lunch. I’m over planning for, shopping for, cooking for, maybe even eating all of the above. Is it too early to make one of the the above pictured?

11- This weekend. Guess what starts, yup LAX for the hubby, lax for the middle… so pretty much Lax.


Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I finally got  my screen back to the correct size. This calls for an AMEN. Seriously…

2- Last weekend, we had a second party for the little. Dave and Busters kicks the behind of Chuck E Cheese ANY day of the week. It was SO much better but it was a little more expensive and not as conveniently located.

3- These made an appearance at said party:

bday (1 of 1)-2

4- The thing about short hair is that it is a constantly evolving hairstyle. I’m telling you, totally different from the way it looked just last week.

5-So have I mentioned to you that the big is part of a glee like, singing and dancing thingy. Yes.. really, he is. So his group is gearing up for an actual show choir competition in Branson MO over spring break. The had a very informal concert this last week. I was kinda wishy washy about going to it… But I am so glad I did. It was freaking awesome! Of course in the middle of it I had a huge meltdown when I suddenly realized that the big.. well, is big. He’s not a little boy anymore. Yup, I was the sniffing parent at the concert if you were there. So embarrassing.

6- So I made THESE for the hubby for breakfast. I’ve been trying to feed him really “clean” food to help him shed a few pounds and feel a little more healthy overall. I thought they were GROSS, but he seemed to like them. Could be that I really don’t like eggs…

7- Can someone please explain to me why I can’t make the switch to greek yogurt? I try, but literally gag when I open the container.

8-Can’t get enough of THIS.   Yep, I did just push play again.

9- So since the Oscars I liked Ellen on FB, which then lead me to Jared Leto, then to Justin Timberlake, One Republic.. on and on and on and suddenly I liked, like way to many stars/bands/entertainers. It was a like frenzy.

10-Can we talk for a second about roasted and salted Almonds. CAN’T STOP.

11- So I have like 15 days to lose 10 pounds before Florida… be prepared for more “today’s run brought to you by” FB posts.

12- This weekend… hummmm I honestly don’t know. How odd…