faking it….

Here’s the truth: I know as much about taking pictures as I do using the quadratic equation. Sure, I took one class at our community college back in 19..well you know if the year starts with 19 it was a long time ago. I may know what an F-Stop is and I may understand the rule of thirds but that doesn’t mean I know how to actually use them while taking a photo.  But hell… life is short right? What I DO know, is that I love to take pictures.   So this blog is my journey…Each time I look through the lens and see a smiling face, the sweetest lacrosse goal, a loving and beautiful family….

it makes me want to do it over and over again, learning more and more each time, until I’m not….faking it.

One thought on “faking it….

  1. I predict a very successful photography career in your very near future. You have a great eye and have a great way with words, which will lure us into your blog too. Congratulations on taking the first step.

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