The Yarros Family

Here’s the truth: This family always lets me experiment with them. Starting two years ago in Georgia.

Here’s the truth: This picture was a result of them being guinea pigs.

 I look at this picture and think, how the hell did I get that? No really, I feel like I’ve intruded on a special moment between them…. whatever, who has time for “special moments” when you have 5… count them below 5, kids….seriously though,  I FREAKING LOVE THIS PICTURE.

This session I had seven guinea pigs and I was lost…..unless it was one on one.. and then BAM.. I fell in love with these wonderful little people all over again. (sorry emily,  and remarkable young woman….)

The amount of personality this kid has is CRAZY. Like, so crazy it will catch you off guard, then you stand around just waiting for the next head shaking, laughing so hard you’re crying “chase experience”… need more proof, check this out. “whooshh ahhh, I work out”.

Their mom calls them    “the littles” Although I am sure they will both tower over her one day.

pretty sure this kid is going to be on the cover of GQ someday

Hard to believe these kids start at 3 and end at almost 15….

Beautiful….and taller than Rebecca 🙂

….here’s where 5 kids out number me and where my lack of  experience is SO obvious. Chase is a pirate? ARRRR??? and the wheels start to fall off..

maybe, just maybe, everyone may be yelling… “I’m sexy and I know it”

But in the end….. one turns out beautifully. 1 of 896….. guess I have some work to do.

Here’s the truth: My sister rocks. Her kid’s rock, hell, even her husband rocks. I hope one day I’ll have learned enough to photograph one of  five weddings. Oh who am I kidding, I’ll be sobbing like a baby when these kids get married so someone else will have to take pirate, I mean pictures.


3 thoughts on “The Yarros Family

  1. Beautiful!!!! You are doing an amazing job. Maybe a trip to Florida should be planned so we can have some beach photos. You might need a lesson in doggie portraits for our family.

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