Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- my husband is in a funk….

2- I once told my husband if I stayed at home all day, the laundry would always be done, and the house always spotless. Yes, I actually said that out loud and believed it.


4- Maybe this picture is why my husband is in a funk? Please tell me other people have a chair like this in their room?


6- My downfall in weight loss-I’m not sure how many I eat a day, but it has to be upwards of 15.

7-  My sister said to me once, ” you don’t have hulu?” Well now I do.

8- Speaking of my sister: Have you read her blog? You should, and then go vote for it:

9- Hulu will be the reason that chair never gets cleaned off.

10- Hulu has reunited me with Grey’s Anatomy, and I suddenly remember why I quit watching it. Pretty sure I cry in every episode. But yes, I am addicted, once again…

11-  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!! I know it’s only preseason… but  here we go!

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