The Sisneros Family

Here’s the truth:

At their wedding, I sang the song they shared their first dance to.

Here’s the truth: I sang with my back to them so I didn’t bawl through the entire song.


Still Then:

Older than then:

Wow.. we were young.

Here’s the truth:

If you told me then, that I was going to take this:

I would I have believed you.. when they got married, I’d never met two people more perfectly in love….. *sigh*

it was so freaking hot this day….we were melting….

Is this not life… mom and dad stealing a kiss, one kid stealing away, while the other one steals a booger?? Love it.. freaking love it.

And here’s where you can see I’m still total a novice… great picture but lighting is off and Paula is.. naked?

But then you get one, like this….perfect. 

when we switched locations, their dad put on “we are young” in the car, and these two little boys sung their hearts out…..

made me think of their mom and i… we did set the world on fire-

then when she met their dad… they set the world on fire-

and soon enough, these boys…. they are going to set the world on fire.

…..I’ll carry you home… tonight.


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