Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- today is the first day of school for my middle. She crimped her hair, applied eye shadow, and dabbed some perfume… all for sixth grade??


2-I stole this from one of my favorite blogs, but it is a must read.

3- I’ve been monitoring the growth of ” little shop of horrors” in my back yard, check it out. Sad though, I have no idea what to do with

it, and I’m thinking it is not going to make it to Halloween.  And this is like, one of 5..


4-Dear Grey’s, I am going to have to stop watching you on Hulu if you insist on making me cry in EVERY episode.

5- I am suffering from Olympic withdrawal, finding Bachelor Pad totally disappointing this season, but LOVING Political Animals.. alas, it’s coming to an end this week.

6-I want to go to ALL of THESE places.

7- and if i have to listen to one more commentator yak about why we played Peyton the entire first qtr I am going to request they be removed from what ever ESPN/FOX Sports/ NFL network show, they may be on, because they are obviously idiots. Who doesn’t play a QB who took 0 (ZERO) snaps last year? He needs the time on the field, especially if he is going to lead the bronocs to… well some place special. I’m still not buying it, and yes, I’ll say it out loud, I MISS TEBOW.

8-While I am on my football rant, let me just say I am thinking of becoming a Bears fan… yup.. since my first true love is Jay Cutler and now he has Marshall back.

9- I freaking LOVE this!!! Luke loves it too, the price… not so much love.

10- If you haven’t already please take a second to read my sisters blog, ” the only girl among boys”,  and if you like it today is the last day to vote.

11- Last nights sunset….. so peaceful.

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