Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I heard this song on the radio yesterday- yes, I still listen to the radio… point of  number one, i felt OLD. Like super OLD, like now I seriously understand why  some people have a mid-life crisis.

2- But then I heard this song.. and felt even older.But I totally CAN”T. GET. ENOUGH. OF . IT

3- It’s official, I’m OLD and I’m having a mid life crisis. You wanna know how I know this, yesterday…. I yelled at some high school-er. No seriously, scolded… Told him ” his mother wasn’t raising him to be a good man.” Followed by, ” you’re behavior, of flipping me off, and smiling and smirking, was completely appropriate for trash.” I may not leave my house today.. or tomorrow….maybe even for the entire next week. I may not even get dressed….

4- Update on little shop of horrors: I know nothing about pumpkins, but I now have at least 8 of them. Ranging from:

I  know it’s hard to tell but the orange one is about the size of a… pumpkin, and the green one is about as big as a cantaloupe. I love these freaking things and will be so sad when they perish.

5-this is how i felt all day yesterday:

6- my husband has been riding his bike home and to work, alternating days, for the last week…. I’m pretty sure in a month he will have lost the twenty pounds I’ve been chipping away at for about a year now. (insert profanity here)

7-no seriously….


8-I need more subjects for photographs……… volunteers?

9- I’m done with pre-season…

10- I am out of frozen wine slushee …. (insert super loud expletive)

11- I LOVE THIS BLOG… How sweet  it is… everything about it.

12- Does anyone remember the movie Mr. Mom, where Michael Keaton stays at home, and towards the end he is walking around the house in dirty clothes, needing a shave, addicted to daytime soaps? I feel dangerously close to that.. sometimes I have to tell myself, put the kindle down, step away from grey’s anatomy….

13-dear Nick JR, I simply CAN NOT hear this again… seriously, I will leave you for Disney Jr if I hear it again.

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