Amy and Mattie-besties

Here’s the truth: I’m having dinner tomorrow with my two of my high school besties

Here’s the truth: These two girls… made me long for my jetta, the cassette single of whoomp there it is, and a homecoming football game.

but seriously… I may have just looked up whoomp there is is on youtube, yep, I still know all the words.

So we started at the park…..

And then moved downtown:

If I had it all to do over, I would have started earlier with the girls, so I wouldn’t have run out of natural light… my flash is so harsh.

Although Mattie is wearing her “for fun” glasses, I love love love this picture.

Individually these ladies are breathtakingly beautiful, but when you add in their friendship.. well that is what makes these pictures so touching to me…

Here’s the truth:I hope in 20 years, if these ladies happen to stumble across these pictures, they are suddenly back in Amy’s jetta and they know every word to the song on Mattie’s Ipod.

“Tag team back again……”


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