Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I took my middle and little to Sundance this last week…. I learned not to take my little anywhere with out his favorite parent. Am I am not that parent.

2- I came home to a BEAUTIFUL clean house. I heart my husband

3- I promptly fell down my stairs and now can’t walk. Seriously… I’m such a klutz. And now every day my little tells me,  “momma you fall oooown airs, and fry.” To which I have to answer ” yep”.

4- I am almost caught up with Grey’s. And I have to admit I love this guy. Thank you grey’s for a new “dreamy”- But I have to point out a few things I hate about Hulu

a. this for sure

b. oh and I’m not taking side on those, so I hate this too.

c. after a few searches I can’t find the one ad I hate the most. The one with the guy with an afro, and he tells a girl he wants to date her roommate. I guess T Mobile realized, as I did, after the first viewing that it was so ridiculously stupid and did not get their point across they they’ve wiped it off the face of the internet. Thank you T Mobile…

6- This goes back to the glitter eye shadow debate, am I to old for these?

7- FOOTBALL IS BACK…. ’nuff said.

8-Totally excited for JJ Abrams new series- Revolution.

9- Luke breaks out singing this song at random places- I freaking love it. Kids rock.

10- This was the view out my kitchen window last night, sigh… love these boys.

~ kml-w


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