Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Last night while watching Caillou with luke, say 9:00 ish.. something other than my dog attempted to come in through the dog door.  Scared the you know what out of the dog…ha. After flipping on the light,we didn’t see anything. I’m thinking raccoon.

2-is this not the old spice guy?????

3- I finished grey’s… stupid ending to this last season.. seriously.. they freaking killed lexi? LAME. Oh and it’s been rainy here for two days now.. I have no idea how people can live in an environment where it rains all the time and every be… happy.

4- tonight, I am leaving my two year old at home with my big and middle…and I’m going to drink beer with my husband. Yep… I said it, I AM LEAVING MY TWO YEAR OLD TO DRINK BEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5- SERIOUSLY… I wish I could cook, because THIS would be served at least once a week. Instead we get this…..

6- This is a must read: 30 Things you should do right now

7- I found this very interesting, as I’ve lived in No. 9… and am super surprised by No. 7.

8- I am SO OVER the election. Yes, I am a political science major, but I am super annoyed, for some reason, by this election….

9- Welcome back to my living room Adam.. oh how I’ve missed you. Oh and congrats on securing Samuel, from Ft. Collins!

10- Speaking of The Voice, Luke and I have been watching it in the mornings.   So yesterday we broke out the guitar and I tried to play his favorite songs. News flash, I still SUCK at playing the guitar but… Guess what.. my little can actually sing. When my big came home from school the little and I were having a flash back moment and playing Breakeven by The Script ( well actually I found this cover and FELL IN LOVE) and the big started in… man oh man, i wish he had the interest in music my middle does, because if he did,  I can tell you in two years or so, I would be escorting him to his blind audition, and I would get to meet Adam. NO. DOUBT. ABOUT. IT.

11- Little shop of horrors… now has leaf mold.. I’m so sad, I have no idea what to do… I’m hoping my little babies can hang on…

12- Dear Jay Cutler…I heart you. Good luck tonight.

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