Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- READ THIS NOW. Thank you Jami, I needed this laugh today!

2- My oldest got braces today, apparently it is not cool to pose for pictures so I will have no before and no after pictures. Maybe I should make him come up with the 3k? Better yet, maybe I’ll threaten to leave them on unless he lets me take a picture!!

3- yesterday, I was folding laundry, and my little told me he was hunnngrryy, and then I heard him open the pantry… here’s what he selected as a snack…how many marshmallows can he shove in before I notice?

4- 32 things you should stop caring about now

5-I’ve been telling myself for days that this is a healthy snack.. ok so I’m a liar…

6- Two things I am so sick of hearing: ” I’m Blah blah blah Blah and I approved this message”

7- and I LOATHE this advertisement- Actually I loathe the whole ad campaign.

8- Parental bragging moment, yes I am not a big fan when other people do it, but what ever… My middle designed this shirt

9- My SIL made these for my little, gave them to me at his baby shower. He found them last night, BAM he was in LOVE-

10- Is it bad that I am torn between watching my son play lacrosse… and watching the broncos?

11- Hello Little Shop of Horrors-

12- Braceface is home from school, I should be a good mom and go check on him.

13- Quick plug for my sister… go check out her website… you can hate me later when you are begging for the rest of the book and she won’t give it up.

14- for the second time.. I wish I could cook. HELLO.. this = yum. Annie’s Eats.  But I would fail, no doubt about it. I just don’t have the time, patience or that much butter.


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