Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I sat and watched this with my little totally enthralled. Made me miss Mr. Rogers… and feel super old.

2- Yesterday while driving home from lacrosse, my big was looking in the mirror on the sun visor… I heard this “YESSSSSS”. I look over and he has his arm in the air and found an arm pit hair… no joke….that’s the exciting fun life I lead.


4-This is a must read- How to Shop at Target

5- Can’t get enough of  THIS… maybe I am a tweenager, stuck in an almost 40 year old body. I like this so much I am contemplating using my 11 year old so I can go to the concert… Bad mom.

6- I hate Fall. Really- I hate it.I hate knowing the gloom and doom of winter is around the corner, and suddenly it’s cold.. the only good thing about fall is ( not counting the return of football):


Grey’s Anatomy; or

I could go on and on, hell I didn’t even know I had missed criminal minds until I switched on my DVR and there it was.

7- I went the grocery store hungry, enough said.

8- Have you seen this, I know I’m late to the party, but I bawled- Boy reunited with monkey

9- Starting next month I will get dressed everyday.. and not in work out clothes…

10- I’ll leave you with this: CLOSING SONG.  


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