The “S” Family-

Here’s the truth:

Once, during a bad mom moment,  I totally had a miscommunication and  forgot to pick Cullen up from after school care. So daycare called me, and I was going to head on over, but Mrs. “S”  got on the phone and said, “hey, we are going to the sock hop at Canon, we’ll just take him with us”.  No seriously… what an awesome, awesome gift that night.

Here’s the truth:

I LOVED every second of the 20 min’s I used up in this shoot. But hey, when you have three kids, with three activities it’s AMAZING I got them all in one place at the same time for a full 20 minutes!

Meet them:

Gorgeous Mom and Dad…..Because only a couple as damn good looking as they are could have such beautiful kids-

So get this, I hadn’t seen Jeannie since the previous soccer season so when she showed up sporting a… baby bump, talk about surprise. But man, what a beautiful little girl that baby bump has grown into!

Here’s the truth:

I would have never guessed that 20 minutes, a wicker bench, and their front yard could ever produce this…. There is something about this picture I just… sigh.. love.

Thank you S family!


One thought on “The “S” Family-

  1. You are truly an amazing photographer Katie. You call yourself a “novice”, but a novice that possesses an absolute gift in capturing, framing and delivering visual moments from a camera.
    Everyone reading this…get on board, this girl’s got talent!

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