Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I suck at being a single mom. I hated it before, and for the record I hate it now. I mean, no I’m not really a single mom like before, but I litteraly have a “traveling salesman” for a husband. Ha.

2-THIS.. made me laugh out loud, I knew there was a reason I’m always in black.

3- My little has learned how to work the mouse pad on my computer. Today, he started out watching Kim Possible, when I looked again, he was watching a demonstration on dying Easter Eggs…when I asked if he wanted me to find Kim Possible, he told me no, he needed some eeeegs.

4-Dear NFL Network, I can not say THANK YOU enough for removing this man from my televison. This ad campagine was AWFUL.- NFL NETWORK LARGE Oompa Loompa. And people tried to compare this guy to Mayhem.. not even close.


6- Can someone please come over and make THIS for me.. NOW…I’m starving.

7- So I’m just going to climb up on my soap box for one moment, forgive me..

I am so FREAKING disgusted by the Jessica Ridgeway situation. PERIOD. I will not go into further detail, or explain why, just know..  I HATE that laziness allowed a little girl to disappear and I find that unacceptable.

8- On a lighter note… When I need a laugh.. I go here-Upside Down Dogs.

9- I am obsessed with these.

SweeTARTS Shockers Rolls: 24-Piece Box

10-My husband killed Little Shop of Horrors. Ok, well he didn’t kill the pumpkin plant, the cold snap did, and he just cleaned up all the dead vines.. but I am so sad when I look outside at where she use to be.

11- Sometimes I wonder if my mother in law didn’t tell me the stories about my  husband as a child until she knew my little was a boy for a reason….oh and by the way, today when we were backing out of the driveway to go to the bank my little asked me ” oh momma, did you wook for da didhead?” So….. he doesn’t have a memory problem. ( if you’re clueless, please see last weeks blog)

12- So, we have a “bin” of shoes on our main level so people don’t wear their shoes upstairs. Today I went to the shoe bin to get a pair of shoes to run to the bank.. this is what I found…


If you have ever met my dog, you know that she carries around shoes when ever someone comes to our house… I have no idea where she dropped all the matches, but know that I wore shoe no 1 and shoe no 4 to the bank.  Oh yes I did.


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