Lucinda, Josh and the little loves

Here’s the truth: I am AWFUL at shooting inside, my flash is harsh, my shutter speed was too slow, my favorite lens was all wrong. It’s a total different beast than outside. *ugh* Sign me up to  do a session in the glorious sun any day because inside.. KICKS MY, well you know. But I got a few good ones, out of 1012 pictures….

Here’s the truth: I love babies.

And I love families:

Boom, my favorite picture:

Here’s hoping this little guy has as much talent as his dad does…. Check this out- Falstaff

Here’s the truth: how can you not fall in love with this beautiful little boy?

Much love to you Lucinda and Josh


One thought on “Lucinda, Josh and the little loves

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Great photos 🙂 lovely Family. So proud to be a part of it!!! Well done, Katie – good eye & mad skills.

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