Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I bought my husband some Hatch Green Chili’s…. and now my car smells like hatch green chili’s. I don’t know if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

2- Have I mentioned that I am SOOOO over the election, the campaigning, the BS, and the interruption to my TV scheduling.  I mean, really, I’m so excited that they both want to create new jobs for college graduates in manufacturing? manufacturing? whatever.

3-Love this.

4- I absolutely find the politics in sports at the JR. High level in my school district abhorrent. Seriously, I am so angry at the situation right now….can someone intelligently answer this questions for me:  Is it BS that a kid with a lesser skill set than yours makes a team because of who his parent is? CRAP.

5- I stole this off someone’s facebook page, but it totally needs to be out there!!!- Pictures of Gorgeous Real Women

6- Still  reeling in disbelief the Bronco’s ACTUALLY won Monday night.

7- Say whhhaattt… Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread– 

8-I can’t get enough of Garbanzo’s…haven’t tried it? Drive there. Now.

9- Did I mention I am SUPER pissed about my big not making the team and a kid that is not nearly as talented making the team for BS reasons?

10-Game of Thrones, should I watch it?

11- My little is going to be a niiinnnnja for Halloween. I’m a little concerned that a two year old ninja is totally inappropriate, but whatever,so is paying 5.00 to have my ears ring with TERRIBLE singing at the high school last night. And I mean terrible. I actually had to PAY MONEY to hear horrible singing.

12- In reference to no. 11, My big is part of  the Jr. High choir. So I go to his concert, grab some cash as they usually ask for a donation, and I’m happy to donate, when my middle and I arrive at the door I see a sign, $5.00 a person to get in. Check my cash, I only have $7.00. So I get to the front of the line, tell the lovely lady there that I only have $7.00 and would that be ok, and she actually paused, not even joking, paused, as if to not let me in, then looks at the lady next to her for help, when the person in line behind me steps up and says, “I’ll pay your shortage” and then and there I thought about the large slurpee I bought a solider a month ago at 7’ev. Yep, it all does come around. However… I have to pause and think…. (for those of you reading please excuse my language) WTF? They weren’t going to let me in, to a high school performance, that my son was in because  of $3.00. It’s not like I was trying to sneak my way into a movie. At least I KNOW they are going to charge me an arm and leg to watch a movie, and at least then I get to select the level of talent I PAY to watch.

13- tomorrow is friday. whooo hooooo. say it again, only louder, whooooooo hooooooooo.

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