Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- Today is Friday… ooops.

2- This morning my little dumped his glass of water out, on my laptop. Not sure who cried harder. It’s fried. It has all my pictures on it… all of them… every single one…

3- I need this- Cherry Vanilla Cakestat.

4- Did I mention that my laptop is fried?

5- I love this….

6- So, now that Halloween is over does that mean the Christmas decorations in stores will be out in FULL FORCE?

7- I’m already over the holidays.

8-Ok, so I’ll play the “What I’m thankful for game”- Today I am thankful that despite him pouring a glass of water on to my laptop, I am thankful that I get to spend everyday with my little. But right now he is  dancing on my last nerve.

9- This is why I wasn’t watching that… and now have a dead computer… my love for cupcakes has officially ended.



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