Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am SOOOOOOO glad the election is over.

2- WHAAAATTTTT- Kevin Bacon on TV? BOOM, so freaking excited.- The Following

3-So, are the holiday’s over yet?

4- Some guy sang THIS on The Voice last night, and I wasn’t at all impressed… I hate when they ruin songs I love.

5- But this guy, nailed it- Trevin Hunte

6-Doesn’t matter what side you are on….

7- Can someone please tell me why every time I hear a Whitney Houston ballad I almost burst into tears? Seriously?

8- I got dressed again, and not it work out clothes. It’s  becoming a Thursday thing… maybe this blog is good for me?

9- I want to do this to my hair, am I too old? Am I freaking crazy? Am I in fact having a late 30’s crisis?

10- My middle actually got her serve over the net in volleyball, 6 times to be exact and then promptly had diarrhea? No, seriously.. ran right by me before I could tell her how proud I was a straight to the bathroom.

11- I love football on Thursday night!

12- This weekend… CC TIIIIGGERS HOCKEY… t.i.g.e.r.s.tigers tigers tigers


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