Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- The bank canceled my debit card due to “compromise” by visa.. how annoying. It’s been awful to set up all my direct pays again. But I’m suppose to be thankful this month, soooooo I’m thankful I have a bank and money to pay that cable bill.

2- I am so bummed that Revenge is just not that good this year, or at least it’s not holding my attention.


4- The Voice and X-Factor….I’ve found that I spend more time fast forwarding the people singing and then listening to the judges comments… or maybe I just can’t bring myself to fast forward when Adam Levine is on…

5-Ok, seriously.. I want to take pictures like these guys….Bobbi and Mike

6- I need to get on instagram…. really, almost like I need to actually use my twitter account?

7-Sometimes I think this… makes all the troubles and frustrations of the day disappear. Especially if the two year old falls asleep on the way home.

8- I’m not getting dressed today.

9- I’ve been making my littlest onemini bagels with cream cheese. Today I found him eating the “fream cheee” out of the container with his fingers, after licking it all off the bagels.


Gillespie Tall

I saw a high school-er wearing these. And I have been all over the internet looking for them, I FINALLY found them. I love them.. LOVE LOVE LOVE…the $350.00 price tag that goes along with them, not so much? Even if I had a full time job I couldn’t afford them… who on earth buys them for a girl in high school??BOOOOOO.

11- Have I mentioned that my husband taught my little how to work the paper shredder. Did I further mention that they dug a huge hole in the “compost pile” and filled it with said shredded paper….



12- No, I don’t get my little dressed either.

13- Tomorrow… You can’t spell DUMB without…. DU! Go CC.

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