The W-D kids-

Here’s the truth:

When I first met these awesome kids, their mom was coaching my Big’s soccer team.

Here’s the truth: I had sooooo much fun with these three, oh and I learned a TON!



But seriously, I love this…

I learned that sometimes, the person who doesn’t think you are photographing them, makes the best subject-


I also learned that kids, no matter the age, have awesome ideas-



Here’s the truth: This may in fact be my favorite age to photograph.. the tween/teenage.  They are so innovative and creative. Totally willing to do whatever I ask, lame as it may be sometimes. Or they just do something all on their own and the final product….  pure awesomeness.. is that even a word? Well it is now…

Thank’s WD kids, you rock.


One thought on “The W-D kids-

  1. Another wonderful example of proof that life is a miracle….
    How is it that they grow up soooo fast and change from little ones into big ones:) !!!
    See you just a few days…

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