Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the Truth:

1- Last week I didn’t do a post, c’mon now, it was Thanksgiving and I was up to my eyeballs in two of my favorite things, food and football

2-Umm ahhhh.. Yes Please – Creamy tomato and Chicken Baked Penne

3- I finally conceded to listen to Christmas music. Yesterday on our way home from some errand,Merry Christmas, Darling” came on, I freaking LOVE the Carpenters. I don’t even think LOVE is a strong enough word. Happiness equals a bottle of wine and the Carpenters Greatest Hits Album. When I ran karaoke  if it was a slow night, and I couldn’t get people to sing, I would put in the Carpenters Karaoke Disc and sing until some one signed up. Ha… Ok, so back on track, I was singing at the top of my lungs, and I look at my little in the back seat, there he is, with his hands over his ears, making the most horrid face. Apparently we didn’t listen to enough Carpenters in the womb. There went my happy moment.

4- This is something I am going to start doing.

5-It must be mating season for the deer… I swear where ever there is a heard of ladies, there is one guy hanging lurking around…I have to be on the look out for them because they wander into the street with out looking.. just following the ladies.

6- Pretty sure this is the feeling in my house sometimes, especially around laundry and dish time:

7- Since this is my blog does that mean I can rant for a moment? Oh why yes, yes it does.But I won’t and spare everyone my craziness.

8- Have I mentioned I am over the holidays, well I still am…… BUUTTTT I am super excited for my sister to get here, ok super is not strong enough.. I’d like to make the word super about size 100 font, in red with white twinkly lights.

9- Best thing about the holidays …. LOVE ACTUALLY

10-  I may have just watched that link 3 times. And found myself smiling the whole time. Who knew I could still smile?

11- I can’t get enough of this…. push repeat, go ahead… Too Close

12-Go buy this… NOW.

13- Get outside while you can, it’s beautiful!!!

14- Go CC beat the Sioux!


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