My big, little and middle-

Here’s the truth: I think these kids are OVER having their picture taken… little do they know they will be hearing me say,” smile”  for a long time to come!


There are some things in my life that I’d like a do-over on, but these three… no freaking way.



cullen2intrep        cullen2bw

lukieurbane lukiebw lukie2



pretty sure the middle and little were more interested in what was going on behind me..


soooo I might have bribed the little with candy-


flashplayerapp  cullen

Here’s the truth: This post could go on and on and on because I just love these kids so much.


Here’s the truth: Thank you big, middle and little. Thank you for always having a smile when you see my camera, which I think may be slowly growing on to me…





One thought on “My big, little and middle-

  1. Kate…I love the photos of your kids……what tender moments. Have a Very Merry Christmas. Blessings from Henry & Cathy

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