Thursday’s Thoughts-

1- It’s Thursday.. totally crept up on me.

2- Today, my little asked his dad what he was doing.. His dad replied, ” Getting dressed to go to work”, to which the little replied, ” to make me some money.” And then after a second of thought he said to his dad, “use evil Dr. Porkchop.”

Meet Evil Dr. Porkchop:


3- Today I actually started missing Horatio Cane. When did I stop watching CSI: Miami? Why did I?

4- Dear Williams- Sonoma ” Holiday 2012″ catalog, how did you end up at my house? Please don’t ever come here again, you’re not welcome here. I mean, hello, as my husband mentions frequently I can’t cook, so please make your way to our recycling bin and stay there!

5- Two things I am I certain should not happen during the Holiday Season:

School Projects

Taylor Swift Tickets go on sale

I mean seriously Taylor, what makes you think a  little more than a week before Christmas is a good time to ask parents to fork over 84.00 for a ticket,  then buy 4, then add in the BS pepsi center fee of 15.00 oh and the BS  service ticket horse fee of 58.00 and you have spent some serious money.

Oh and Mr. School Teacher. Do you not have kids, and families, and where is your holiday spirit? I will now spend the better part of this week and the weekend creating a pyramid and it’s tombs? Shouldn’t we be caroling through the neighbor hood

6-I have decided that I LOATHE parts of the health care industry. For starters the whole insurance coding thing is BS. What code they choose decides if I pay 5 times more than this brace is worth, or if my insurance pays for it. In case anyone was wondering, below… is a SURGICAL SUPPLY. So the next time you go in for a procedure and they break out this bad boy, just remember I told you first.  


7- I am SOOOOOOO sad that in the whole cyber world we now live in people have stopped sending Christmas Cards. I mean I hate the holiday’s, and Christmas Cards, little bits of love and cheer in your mail box always made me smile.

8- I am of the opinion that being a stay at home mom is one of the loneliest jobs…ever.

9- Click HERE now… I was totally late to this party but thankfully I found it. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

10- Have I mentioned I HATE the holidays. CAN’T. WAIT. FOR. THEM. TO. BE. OVER.

11- I must need a dose of  LOVE ACTUALLY…now.

12- Dear Peyton Manning, please don’t fall apart this weekend. I know, it’s the ravens, but remember.. Ray Lewis may still be broken, you are a better QB than Joe. You can do this. I know you can.


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