Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Last week may have been one of the  most emotional for me, ever.

2- But there in the middle of my Christmas funk… awesomeness emerged.

3- So, the little and I are at Old Navy, and I’m doing all I can not to break into tears, not to look at the news on my phone, and not to spend over my Christmas “budget”, oh wait, I already blew that ; anyway, so there we are, and I’m rifling through jeans and shirts, and more jeans and I look up, and the little is trying his damnedest to get a ball out of the quarter bouncy ball machine. He’s turning the knob every way he can, he’s grunting, and I can tell on the verge of releasing a high pitched, break the sound barrier scream. So I saunter over, whisper, ” please leave the ball machine alone”, knowing I will have another battle on my hands the second we enter the herding area that leads to check out. I pull him, he pulls the machine, I whisper, he grunts, but I WILL win this battle. Finally he releases the damn machine, and we move back over to the jeans. Then all the sudden there is a large lady standing next to me, too close to me, dear lady, YOU ARE IN MY BUBBLE. “Excuse me ” she says, ” I couldn’t help but notice your young man and thought” she extends her hand and there in the palm.. is gold. Or at least in the eyes of my little – a spanking brand new,  who ever thought  it would be so beautiful, bouncy ball.  He smiled ear to ear, she smiled ear to ear. I had to cry.Restore faith in humanity, check.  With that being said, there is not a check out line story. That little ball and that wonderful woman made it possible for us to leave the store with out fighting about any of the items you must suffer through as you stand in line.

4- Remember my rant last blog about Christmas cards, and how I’m sad we as a society have moved away from them. Boom, they came.

5- If you sent me a Christmas card, know that you .. yes you.. helped me find my Christmas Spirit.  Restore faith in humanity, double check.


thursdays thoughts

7- Sometimes all it takes is a little box of nerds….


8-Sometime all it takes is a little deer…


9- Sometimes all it takes is a BOY BAND singing “O Holy Night” or  Silent Night”

10- So yesterday, I realized at 7:55 that I didn’t have my recycling on the curb, so I run outside, in my jammies, no shoes.. and yes it is snowing and cold as can be here.. and put the recycling on the curb. I forgo the actual trash as it comes a bit later and well, really I have no shoes on. At 8:30 as I depart to take my big to school for finals I notice that in fact my trash can, not recycling can is on my curb. I might have had to curse under my breath, that I can’t seem to get anything right, and sigh deeply that  now my recycling bin will no doubt be over flowing next week, and off we go to the JR. High. When we get home, I roll out of the car and face the blowing snow to check the recycling bin, because I know for a fact, and the naked footprints in the snow are a give away, that I put the recycling bin out. Then it hit me, and as I opened the lid to see the bottom of the bin, the recycling man rolled my green bin back to it’s spot, and pulled my trash can down to the curb. Again, I might have had to tear up. Restore faith in humanity,  check-check-check- hat trick.

11- TOO freaking funny, and SO me-




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