Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Boom just like that the holidays are over, and I survived!

2- Today is the last day of my sisters visit.. and that makes me sad….

3- This is funny as hell:

I told this to my sister right before the movie started…. I am that horrible of a sister.

4- I’m pretty sure I’ll be singing les mis songs for the next month.

5- Haven’t seen the movie, go.. now… straight away- Les Mis

6-I need THIS– NOW.

7- This is on it’s way to my house as I type this.. I can’t contain my excitement!!!!!

8-  I haven’t been to the grocery store in roughly a month, we are living on re-fried beans and party pizza’s. Today I contemplated using french vanilla creamer as milk in the little’s cereal.

9- So, let’s just talk about it now. Resolutions. Sure I made them: Get dressed every day, get the little dressed every day, eat healthier, spend less time on any sort of electrical device and more time creating things. To date, I’ve not done ANY of these things. So much for resolutions.

10-I am going to read this, and then I’m going to see this- The Great Gatsby– although I’m not sure you can top Robert Redford as Gatsby.

11- Here’s to 2013….



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