Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1-So… ….. ….. I bought the boots. Yes, the boots. Remember, the boots?I BOUGHT THEM. Happy New Year to me! ( please note, they were on sale, drastically on sale)

2- I actually bought the boots to incentivize myself to get dressed. Yes, I’m playing that song again. I know, I’ve totally over played it but one day, one day, I am actually going to remember what it’s like to get up, get dressed before 3:00 p.m.

3-So no more Adam on my TV… but this isn’t a bad replacement-

I will admit to being a little sad Ari wasn’t chosen… but Dear Sean, he’s not too hard on the eyes.

4-Guess what, I still haven’t “really” gone to the store.  I mean, some how I’ve managed to make two trips to wal-mart at the bargain price of $100.00 a trip, and yet we have no food in this house?

5- I don’t know why but THIS made me laugh out loud. Seriously, more than just a chuckle, I actually laughed… out loud.

6- In my quest for a healthier lifestyle..stop laughing, I’ve been working on my “snacking”- Yesterday  I was doing so well: Breakfast- 1 piece peanut butter toast; Snack- 1 piece string cheese; Lunch- 1/2 cup left over home made mac and cheese 1 bowl salad with no dressing; snack: 3 of these and two handful’s of cheddar chex mix…


Quest over.. especially since breakfast today was a leftover piece of pizza.

7- I’ve been searching / career builder for “professional TV watcher” but no one seems to have an opening for that position?

8-I’m pretty sure my mom’s personal trainer thinks I need professional help. Lately  I’ve been throwing Pandora on during our sessions to distract me from the pain he’s inflicting. I guess most people listen to something that get’s them pumped, as opposed to my selection of 80’s country….

9- 80’s country  I.LOVE.IT where else do you get:

Nobody in his right mind

Forever and Ever Amen

Close enough to perfect


The weekend

ahhhhh- almost makes me long for a pair of Rockies, lace ups, and the rodeo night club.

10- Dear Peyton Manning, you made a believer out of me. Now on Sunday… get the job done.


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