Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1- I need it to be summer. I need it to be warm. I need the sun to stay awake past 4:45.

2- One week of photography class down 8 to go. Here’s hoping I learn some awesome information. I mean, after all this blog was started really for my photography, not my random thoughts on thursday.

3- Super.Bowl. – Yes, I think the playoffs were rigged. Yes I hope the 49er’s win.

4-So, he wore these pjs for like two days, and the wheelbarrow went everywhere we did. Sometimes life is too short to fight over simple things like clothes…. and a wheelbarrow.




5- Have you met my dog? Her name is really Peyton, but we call her.. Pig, Piggly Wiggly, PayPay, Mrs. Schnickles, Baby dog. It’s a wonder she comes when called.


6- So, have I mentioned that I am totally in a funk. I mean, I am typically in a funk from Halloween on. Especially since I hate the holidays. But usually, sometime right before my husband’s birthday and valentine’s day, the clouds part, the sun shines, and I am funk-free. Not this year. I have NO idea why but the funk is still here. Here to the point that I actually drove to 7’ev to buy one of the brownies they have in the baskets right next to the register. It was like, calling to me. Seriously. Got in my car and drove to 7’ev for a brownie. I don’t even like brownies (unless they are in some sorta cupcake form). Then guess what, I ate the brownie, in my truck, in my garage, so I didn’t have to share it with anyone, more specifically the little. Imagine my horror when I realized what I was doing, sitting in the garage, eating a freaking brownie, in the truck, with Gary Allan’s Every Storm (runs out of rain)” blasting on my stereo.  That’s when the funk ended. Right there.


7- Speaking music and kind of embarrassing. I heard THIS song on the radio yesterday, and suddenly I am obsessed. Obsessed to the point I learned how to play it on my guitar. Totally ignored my life for two hours to learn how to play it. What, am I thirteen??Gahhhh.

8- Must read- 24 Things we should be more grateful for.

9- I don’t know what I am more addicted to: Photography Blogs or Cooking Blogs. But this week, I think cooking won out-

Peanut butter Marshmallow Cookies

Chicken Fajita Mac and Cheese

Everything Flatbread

10-I actually can’t WAIT for my husbands next business trip. Seriously!!! I am going to do a little home reno. Nothing big, but I’m going to put pinterest to work!

11-Priceless, that is what my son’s face is going to be when he see’s this box. Custom made Nike’s, that he paid for with his own money. I totally want to open the box, but I’ll be a good mom.


12-  I’ll say it one more time, if you haven’t started watching THE FOLLOWING you should.

13-Oh and last week without asking… I had 68 readers. Boom. Thank you all for reading.


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