Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth-

1- My husband has been gone, so I’ve been working on my “project” with the little. Needless to say, adding  a two year old to any project, despite the size, makes it more of a challenge


And then when you spray paint in the garage, with out opening the garage door…..


and then when you realize the red is the MOST obnoxious red. EVER. You want to cancel your pinterest account. For ever.


I totally should have gone with idea #1 and used yellow.

2- I would like to write a blog entitled “16 things I would tell a 16 year old driver” it would include things like; 1- just because I was at a stop at the stop sign, that does not mean you don’t have to stop and may just continue right through it. 2- when you see a sign and your lane ends, that means you must slow down or speed up to merge, it does not mean I will get out your way despite how cool you may think you are. 3- right on red means you must first STOP at the red light, look, and then turn. 4- despite how close you get to my bumper, I am not going to speed up and you aren’t going to get where you are going any faster. 5- Just because your car is more expensive than one I will ever drive, again…you are not as cool as you think.

3- this made me laugh, I’m still pretty sure I know everything. Oh, except how to pick a red color for my one- day -pinterest -project- that -really- took- three days. ugh.

4-Dear Glee,

Thank you for THIS and THIS. Last weeks episode was by far the best one this season. And for the record, this season has been AWFUL.

5- I was in the shower today and it hit me, I don’t watch anything in “real” time on TV. Well nothing, but football, and now that that is over… Did life use to stop before the DVR? How did I ever do it?

6- So I wonder… if I don’t tell my kids what is in THIS, will they eat it? I don’t know, but I sure as hell will.

7- Speaking of food, I’ve been eating taco salad every night during my husbands absence. I’m. over. taco. salad.

8-For just a second can we talk trash TV… ok, maybe more than a second. Dear Sean, please please please pull your head out of your, I mean, please get a grip a let the trash go home. Seriously, I’m over it. Dear Producers, if you took a poll I bet you’d find that you won’t lose viewers if the “planted trash” goes home sooner rather than later. I mean, hello, I’m back after what’s his face picked Vienna, or the other dip who picked Emily, or better yet Ben who picked Courtney. Just let her go.

9- Did I mention that I have a candy apple freaking red frame on my wall.. and I’m too lazy to go to the store and select another color to fix it? Perhaps I should use the Desert Camo color left over from the Egypt project, round one.

10-Remember the “shoes”? Here they are:


11- Mad props to my sister who not only wrote a book but now has an agent. Big Time Baby!

12- This weekend, I need a beer, a margarita, a glass of wine….. oh and another can of spray paint.

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