Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Today is Valentines Day. Really. Just another day in my world. Did the same thing: Get up, find feweat shiiiirt (in 2 year old), drink coffee, make lunches, dispute the reason we should eat Krave and not special cookies for breakfast with a 2, almost 3 year old, make toast for husband, listen to kids bicker, yell at kids for bickering this early in the morning, remind 2 year old we are only having one special cookie for breakfast then we MUST eat a bowl of cereal, hand the big his valentines candy for a girl who ” like ummm, actually doesn’t know him well enough to, like ummm, go out“, chase after big to give him lunch, wave goodbye and sit in silence. Oh wait, I have a little…… momma I love you, chocolate milk please, momma axyouleeee i vant hot chocolate, momma i don’t like this show, momma will you read me the monster book, momma will you sip with me, momma… yep, it’s 8:03.

2- Parenting moment fail: read the bold line above.  Then know that I told him to take her chocolates to school and  give everyone at her table one, but just walk right by her. No need to big the bigger person in this situation. Better yet, she sent him a text and said, ” So, I umm, ahh, like heard you bought me chocolate. I umm ahhh, like feel like totally bad now.” So he’s reading me this text, and the UBER you know what in me complied with the momma bear instinct tells him, ” Tell her not to worry about it you just opened your second one and they are awesome.”

3-I think the little is over being pictured. Seriously. Here’s what happens when I try to photograph ANYONE in my house:


4- So the middle and I had to make a costume for cotillion. Theme: roaring twenties. Enter frugal mom, who really wants to go to Breckenridge and not spend $$$ on ” the roaring twenties” costume. Dress in closet, gloves mandatory for cotillion, head band at walmart, random feathers at walmart, lipstick at walmart. Boom, roaring twenties for like 12 bucks. Breckenridge here we come!!!





So here’s what I love the most. I took all these pictures on manual mode. For those of you who really don’t know and probably don’t care, that means I did all the work myself. The camera didn’t pick all the right setting for me, I picked the right settings.

5- On a more frustrating note, in class (instructed by the awesome Allison Earnest) she brought us a gift of a super good looking man and had us photograph him. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, alas he is like, yellow/orange in all my photographs. I might have cried. How do you get the opportunity to photograph hot guy and fail. ARUGH.




6- So it’s breakfast time and I happened across THIS. Ummm ahhh- Yes PLEASE!!!

7- Do you watch The Bachelor? If you do all I can say is consider the SPARKLE…. lost. Boom. Good bye and good riddance!

8- Oh and while I’m on awful trash TV, American Idol judges, you are lame. This show is lame. Where is Adam Levine? I mean, Keith is nice to look at, and he is way talented, but he’s not Adam. But then again…Your Everything– sold me at the first line. Then there is this- Raining on Sunday

9- Speaking of music- So… who wants to go to the 90’s boy band concert with me. seriously. Boys II Men, NKOTB, 98 degrees. Whatever they are totally overlooking the great state of Colorado.

10- I’ll say it out loud. I MISS FOOTBALL. Lucky for me I have a DVR full of THESE (including this one,my favorite,  which started my love affair with Jon Gruden) Pretty sure I cry in everyone.

11- Oh.. ok… my all time favorite VALENTINE’S SONGS!

1- I Cross My Heart

2- A thousand Years

3- Blood and Fire

4- Wanted

5- To make you feel my love

6- Iris

7- Truly– by the way. i love lionel. no, seriously love. almost as much a Barry.And yes I mean Manilow.

8- Do that to me one more time

9-Come away with me

10- The One

12- This weekend… I need a nap. A SERIOUS nap, considering I just walked a dirty diaper to the mail box instead of the trash….

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