Thursday’s Thoughts

Here’s the truth:

1-SNOW DAY!!!!









2- So lets talk a minute about my middle’s snow suit. Yes, in fact is is a full blown snow suit, leisure belt included. I know this because I too use to wear that snow suit. Matter of fact I use to have this grey puffalump mouse:

So I started calling the dreaded suit the puffalump suit. However, my middle, she doesn’t care…she’s secure enough in who she is that she wears the puffalump suit with pride. Love that kid.

3- There actually isn’t that much snow, but it’s enough to make us happy that there is finally some sort of winter precipitation!

4- American Idol- Hummmm lame. So disappointed.

5- The Bachelor has now sent home my 2 favorite girls. Whatever Sean.

6- Loved this weeks photography class with Allison.


I love that his face is blurry but his tattoo is totally in focus….


7- I was totally pumped to get home, and take some awesome shots of my middle, since I’m actually figuring out my camera…

Alas, I over exposed ALL of them.



8- So I was looking around on Amazon Prime on my Kindle for some new TV series to watch, and I happened across America’s Next Top Model Season, like 10… I’m freaking addicted. I think there are like 20 or so seasons….

9- So, I looked at my twitter account, to much work involved. Then I got an instagram account, again, to much work involved.

10- This weekend I WILL fold all the laundry and put it away. I WILL…


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