Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Today is my birthday. Not really that big of a deal. It’s almost like, once you hit thirty-five and officially enter true “adult-hood” the rest of the birthdays could not happen and you’re life would still go on. You’d forever be stuck on the cusp of cool yet mature. Sign me up.

2- Random things I’ve been thinking:

Why does starbucks coffee stay so hot? Is it the cup? Is it the lid? Why can’t my coffee in my favorite mug stay that hot?

Is it ok that I have zero sense of fashion. Better yet, is it ok that I have NO desire to have any sense of fashion?

Is it wrong that I love mainstream? Does that make me boring? Should I go seek out the obscure band, movie, book? I like mainstream, that means hundreds of thousands of people have already tested it for me and found it to be awesome.

Can you be.. fit.. and fat? I mean, I feel like I’m pretty fit.. but I’m still fat?

3- Instagram- fine, I’ll admit it; I’m addicted. Are you following me? You should- katielusterwork

4-Toaster strudels, OMG. Why have I not been eating these?


Oh that’s right, because I have been eating these:

in the hopes of not being overweight for like, ever.

5- This has changed my life in ways I can not explain.


6- Know what I want for my birthday… sharpies. Not that I sniff them, but I love to write with them. Fat sharpies, skinny sharpies, blue sharpies, purple sharpies.. love them.

7- My little asked what this was today….I told him lipstick. Yes, shocking… today I realized that I still know how to apply lip liner and lipstick.


8- I must stop watching America’s Next Top Model. I find my self practicing my runway walk while putting away laundry.

9- Dear How Sweet It Is– Thank you for introducing me to Yes, I want cake.

10- Speaking of how sweet eats…. THIS looks SOOOO amazing. Lately I’ve been craving fresh, light, crispy.

11- But then I head on over to Annie’s Eats and…… please someone, it is my birthday after all, make THESE!!!!!!

12- This is what happens when you leave the middle with the little.. Nothing keeps the little happy like some water and food coloring.




12- This weekend, rest up from our trip to breck. Pic’s coming soon!


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