Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Holla for the weather today and tomorrow!!

2- Found a cluster of these in my otherwise dead front flower bed. Gave me hope for spring!!!DSC_7152

3- If you look up obstinate in the dictionary:


4- I’m pretty sure 3 is going to drive me insane. Not only does the little like to have the poo poo in his pants and refuse to let the peepee out in the potty; as of late just depending on his mood something/someone will suddenly go from being his FAVORITE thing to yucky. Example: The middle walks down the stairs in the morning ” Sister MaaaI love you, you my bessft frein”. Sister Maaaa walks in the house after school: “AHHHHHHHHH i don’t liiiilke sister maaaa, she’s llluuuucckkky”  No really. High pitched ear piercing scream. Get settled in to watch our favorite show, Justen Time, and just as it starts, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH I don’t llliiiike Justen Time, it’s LLLLUUUUCCCKKY.” Save.ME.

5- The Digest Diet…. willing to give it a try, anyone else?

6-I have “NEW SOMETHING” fever. New dog.New car. New House.. last time I had this feeling we ended up with the little. I’m thinking I should shake this feeling IMMEDIATELY.

7- So I took my middle and her two friends to the mall on Saturday. My middle put her large bright green wallet in her pocket and it fell out. It had ALL her money in it (upwards of 150.00). Of course, no one turned it in. So the three girls and I talked about it on the ride home; if you found a five dollar bill what do you do? I said I’d keep it, but if I found a 100 dollar bill, I’d turn it in. We all decided that we would ABSOLUTELY turn in the entire wallet. Sadly she learned that a majority of  people suck and they aren’t honest. We checked three times with the lost and found, over a span of two days and no one turned it in. So sad. Freaking dishonest people. I know for a fact I am raising better kids than that.

9- Ok, really… This is not my “style” of cooking. Does wal-mart even sell goat cheese? But I really want to try these? Maybe I should make the trek to Whole Foods and get lost in the goodness of that place whilst spending hundreds of dollars? I think for these, the trip will be worth it.

10- So I’ve been trying to find a…. well let’s just say, last hoorah dessert, before I start the above diet and nothing is really sounding… awesome. Then I remembered THESE. My other sister in law brought these to my attention a little over a year ago. I’m going to the store now. Well as soon as I finish reading THIS blog. I. Love. It. Might be my new favorite, or should I say favourite. Hell, living vicariously through her blog may just curb my longing for a beach. Or not.

11-This weekend- Boom- LAX starts!!!!


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