Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I am regressing. For the past week I have not gotten out of sweat/yoga/swishswish pants. That’s right, I’ve failed to get dressed. Ugh. And I was doing so well.

2- I hate when people hurt my feelings. It’s like, I end up thinking about it all the time. “Why would they hurt my feelings like that? What did I do to deserve to have my feelings hurt like that? ” What a total waste. I need to kick myself in my own arse and forget about it.

3- Guess what comes out tomorrow. Boom- Les Mis

4-So my mom and dad started the diet… guess what came home with me?


If you know my family, inside this bag is my dad’s popcorn. He still makes in in the pan, on the stove, with oil.

100% goodness in this bag.


5- Unless you are three, and then this is what you want to do with it:



6- Yup, I made them. For once my family actually ate everything I made…


7- THIS song is super old, but lately I can’t get ENOUGH of it. Go ahead click the link.

8- This looks so good. Could be that I am starving right now….Cheesy Cauliflower Noodles

9- Can we talk TV for a minute:

American Idol- total let down this season. I’m not really IN LOVE with anyone. Well maybe Kree.

Scandal- Please come back on. I miss you.

The Following- LOVE IT!

Splash- WTF? seriously???

Glee- LAME. C’ mon now.. use to be so witty, and funny, and gross, and awesome all at the same time. Now it’s just lame. But I did love this.... oh and this

10-I still have NEW something fever. HELP.

11- I did in fact just pick up my little’s left over toaster strudel, from breakfast, and finish it off.  (While I sit here and type this in my pj’s) Say it with me, I NEED A LIFE.

12- Can you have too many photographs in your house? Seriously, I need an answer, this is not just a rhetorical question. So please someone, answer.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts-

  1. Too many photographs? Impossible. They are the treasured moments in life that, if not captured, will otherwise fade from our minds…….each mind image is unique and unrepeatable.

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