Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- My goal was to have photo entry every week… failed. So here we are, already Thursday.

2-Spring Break at home. Lame.

3-I know I’ve been screaming for sun and warmth, and overall springish weather. Today I’d be happy with some rain. Actually A LOT of rain. Everything here is still winter dead and it’s bringing me down.

4-So I made THESE from my pinterest board- dinner. AHH MAZZZ ING.

5- I will now embark on obtaining passports for my family. Well, for the kids. Wish me luck.

6- So… Have I mentioned that the little won’t go in the potty.  Have I further mentioned that he hate’ s to have clean pants. How’s this for unusual- when we left the house, he had to take the dirty pants with him. Maybe now you can see why I said three might drive me insane in this post.


7- So I’ve been all over pinterest and a million photography websites. Guess what I’m not all about….the staged pictures. I mean, there are some that are super cute. Like little girls having a tea party. Cute I like it. But then I look at some and the sets are like super elaborate, with banners and chairs, all in the middle of the forest? Not me. I’d rather boys with sticks poking at a pond or a stream, throwing rocks in the water or chasing each other;  than boys on a piano bench, next to an easel with a chalk board on it in, next to a collection of antique toy trucks all the middle of the woods? Anyway, for some odd reason that has been weighing on my mind.

8-Quickest way to ruin a day….realizing that you bought Fat Free Creamer….ugh.


9- So….. I hate to unload the dishwasher. I mean, I loathe it, to the point that I will just not do the dishes because the dishes in the washer are clean. Yup… that’s me. Sink full of dishes because I don’t want to unload the dishwasher. My husband is contemplating leaving. Ok, not really.. but add in my hatred for putting away folded laundry, and you can see where I’m going with this…

10- Sometimes we forget these things:


10- So I’ve been living vicariously through THIS blog. You should too. It makes me REALLY want to travel.

11- So, yes I know I just said so, but I like the word so, SOOOOO.. I’ve been rethinking the 20 yr reunion thing, thanks to a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person.. maybe just maybe I could go…..

11- This weekend..Easter and that means Brunch! ( Yes I know the true meaning of Easter too) YUMMM. So, can I wear the boots, you know, THE BOOTS, with a black wrap dress, or do I have to break out heels? I loathe heels..maybe I should put them in the dishwasher.


One thought on “Thursday’s Thoughts-

  1. You are soooooooo very clever. I don’t know why, but I am surprised what a super talented writer you are. I knew you would be a good writer, but you excel. And a stunninly skilled photographer. I wish you would publish the gorilla-Luke photo……WWWWWoooooWWWW. Is there any thing you can’t do cleverly well?? Doesn’t seem quite fair. Regarding ‘potty’. I’ve heard of ‘anal retentive’…..but hoarding??????? seems to bring AR to a new level.

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