Music Mania-

Here’s the truth:

1- There is no snow, although, my lawn and my allergies would LOVE some moisture.

2- I totally missed last Thursday, oops. You can blame that on the Red Robin burger I ate, that apparently did NOT want me to eat it.

3- This weather makes me want to get back in bed and watch movies… but since that isn’t going to happen thanks to the little, here’s a crap- ton of music that for some odd reason I can’t stop listening too, and yes, ALL of it is REALLY old. That’s what happens when you break out your old CD’s while looking for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. (youtube is loving me today with all these links, don’t be afraid to click and suddenly be transported.. to another day and age. )


Hello Billy Joel, I’ve been missing you-Honesty ;Scenes from an Italian Restaurant; She’s always a woman

Maybe a little Dead: Uncle John’s Band the little LOVES this song…

How about some: Freedom

Have you ever seen the rain second song I learned to play on the guitar

Southern Cross

Gin and Juice– Really this whole ALBUM ( yep, I found it in the boxes).. alas, with a 14,12, and 3 year old there’s not a whole lot of listening to this.

Ditto for this: Without Me

Nice and Slow– love seeing him on the voice

Oh and this.. on repeat still, after a year of listening to it: Springsteen

All I want is you or One maybe Bad

OMG, the original JT.. welcome back. Something in the way she moves or Handyman and I know it’s sacrilege to mention the dixie chicks but I LOVE THIS- carolina in my mind 

I‘ll take today man.. hello gary.

Oh and yes, I own this greatest hits album.. and I love it.. no shame,- Hold on to the nights or Now and Forever

guess what, he wrote THIS song too, and yes.. i own this album too, Let’s be honest, I own all their albums. I should really put all this in i tunes or something.

I could freaking do this all day…

I need to stop, I think I hear the laundry calling….


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