Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- oh hello allergies, welcome back. ugh.

2- breakfast today…. pretty sure the pig (aka peyton, piggly wiggly, pey pey, mrs. schnickels) finished it off.


3- So the little has started singing…. yesterday at lunch he broke out Mary had a little lamb-

4- He broke this out in the car the other day, thank you big and middle for the little knowing this totally inappropriate song:


5- THIS is a must read. Not because my sister wrote it, but because I am the mother of two boys and a girl. Because people so often forget it’s what you, as a parent,  instill in your children that helps them become the person you want them to be.

6- So, I’m going to vent… Speaking of girls, parents please, please, please, know that GIRLS ARE MEAN. If you have a daughter remember this, as I so frequently do because yes, mine is mean too. Try to combat it by reminding her to use  this phrase as a point of reference before they say something they can’t take back; Think about it first, if it is mean and would hurt your feelings, and it really doesn’t need to be said… keep it to yourself.

7- Example- My middle was hanging out and this transpired:

Friend- so “tommy” has a list of girls he “likes”

Middle- Really, who’s on the list

Friend2- Oh, we can’t tell you.

Middle- Why not

Friend 2- oh well ah,we promised  him we wouldn’t tell ANYONE

Middle- ok.

Friend 1- But ummmm.. not to hurt your feelings, butahhhh, so you’re NOT on the list

No really, thanks for sharing… So the middle was, angry, hurt, not sure why her friends would even bring the subject up. Guess what, I had no answer for her. I have no idea why her friends would tell her something, only to not tell her something, only to tell her the little part of the something that would hurt her feelings? So then I tell her I doubt they thought of doing this intentionally. I mean, I am sure these girls weren’t rubbing together their hands, heads huddled together, while my middle was in the bathroom devising some EVIL plan. That’s just not the nature of these girls at least not one of them for sure.  I tell her they just don’t THINK. Then I told her, here’s a little lesson  if you need preface a statement with ” not to hurt your feelings”  then that statement should never leave your lips.  And if someone says to you “not to hurt your feelings, but”,  just know that what’s about to come out of their mouth, is not going to be very nice. I can’t help but to think if these girls were reminded of phrase above, none of this would have happened.

If there is ONE thing I’ve ingrained in my middle’s brain it’s that if you have nothing nice to say, shut up. Being kind will take you SO far in life. Sadly, the middle has learned to take everything certain friends say with a grain of salt. Thankfully, although it did hurt her feelings, she knows that there are FAR more important things in life, even at 12, than having a boy like you, the shoes you wear, the name of the sweat shirt on your back. Don’t get me wrong, she loves toms, and sperrys, and hollister, and HM, but life isn’t going to end if she doesn’t have only those things. I love my middle for all the quirky things she represents in the world. I was terrified that if I didn’t teach her to be a bitch the world was going to eat her alive. But I think what I’ve taught her is not to let other people affect her happiness. To forgive and forget. Life is too short. So what if the “popular” boy doesn’t like you, in the grand scheme of things, do you even “like” him? No. So then whatever. I think what I’ve taught her is that it’s OK if you spend time alone, break out that guitar, read that new awesome book, remember to think first, be kind and god will send you someone. Oh and guess what….it might not even be a girl it may be a boy, and one day, you may just marry him.

8- I love THIS. Seriously, someone else shares my pain!

9-I’m so ready for April showers… hello.. rain.. please….

10-Yes, I am still watching and addicted to  THIS. 

11- Oh and while we are talking about TV shows… Dear Lazaro, I love you. I love your back story, and I love your determination, but I’m sorry… just can’t hang with the girls. And if you are not voted off this week, you will be next week. Honestly, I hope it’s this week because I don’t think I can handle another pitchy performance, especially after you almost ruined one of my ALL TIME favorite songs.

12- I just got lost in THIS for an hour. You should too.

13- Soooo.. don’t be afraid to click that like button over there on the right…

14- This weekend. LAX.. !!!!!!!!!!!


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