Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- WHOOO HOOOO snow.

2- OMG.. I love love love Henry Cavill, did you watch The Tudors? You should. I am not a big fan of Superman…  but you can bet I’ll be going to see THIS in the theater.

3- I missed the part of the job description that said “will pick up after everyone else who lives in this house” when I agreed to be a stay at home mom…

4-I have officially become addicted to: READY FOR LOVE

There is just something about love that I, well love.

5- This made my husbands week.. really, he loves this stuff… yuck.


6- I totally did it again, and bought freaking FAT FREE creamer. SO. GROSS.

7- Is anyone watching Hannibal? Am I the only one who has a hard time following it?

8-Nope, haven’t gotten dressed this week. Well except for last night when I had a date with my husband. Today, I have no intention of getting dressed. Guess who else hasn’t gotten dressed..



does that make me a bad mom?

9- So I did it… I reserved our suite for the “WORK FAMILY VACATION” during spring break. Now I just need to find a way to fund it?

10-So the little, if you can imagine this, STILL doesn’t want to put anything in the potty. Sometimes he doesn’t even want me to put the peepee in the potty. Guess what, his dad has promised him a black puppy if he puts the business in the potty. No seriously… I’m sure both the little and I will be disappointed when Dada comes home with a stuffed black puppy, when and IF.. the potty ever get’s used.

11- Dear Pinterest, why doesn’t my wall..look like yours? I give up.


12- This weekend… lax. lax. and then more lax. All in denver.


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