Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- I spent the better part of yesterday wishing I lived closer to my sister.

2- I HATE ( and yes I know that is a strong word, and yes I spend countless times telling my littles not to use that word, but today, I will use it, and I will mean ever capitol letter of it) that I live so far away from her; that her husband is gone for the 4th time; that there is NOTHING I can do to make any part of that situation better. There is no fix, no words, no action, nothing. He’s gone, and she’s alone. And I’m here. I. HATE. THAT

3- The little won’t get dressed. There are places I need to go, things I need to do, and he is dead set on being,  maked babbby. Yes,  I said maked baby.

4-Guess who’s still alive-


5- I haven’t made dinner in about a week now, that’s because, again… I haven’t gone to the grocery store in about… three weeks. Whatever, so what if the little had a cream cheese tortilla for lunch with a piece of provolone… Fine, I’ll go to the store.

6-My new favorite website- Lemonade and Lenses

7- So, I just caught the end of the Ellen show, and it’s official. I still love Justin Timberlake. No seriously, love.

8-Enough said:


9- So next weekend,  I am going to do a stylized session. CAN’T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!

10- one of my favorite things:


11- this weekend. MORE LAX! ( only I think my big might be in the goal… scary)


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