Thursday’s Thoughts:

Here’s the truth:

1- Please Please Please, can it get to 70 degrees and just stay there, for a week, no snow, no rain, no wind?

1.5- Hey, see that like button over there, on the right, feel free to click it…

2- Since it snowed, I tormented my middle for these, nothing like being forced into the cold in a sleeveless dress to humor your mom. She’s such a trooper…






3- I hate THIS  blog post, I mean I love this blog post, I mean I hate what this blog post represents, but I love the fact that she had the strength to post it.

4- I bought my middle The Great Gatsby… we are going to read it together.

5- So my big LOVES this group… I so want to get him tickets. Did I mention how bummed I am that he didn’t try out for the select choir at highschool.

6- I just watched the little help himself to a fruit snack out of the drawer, at which point he realized both of his hands were full so he used his head to shut the drawer… allllrighty

7-So this happens in my living room daily… and I feel like I spend forever collecting each and every member of the invasion to put them away in the right place or there is hell to pay from the little. Dino’s go in one box, toy story friends another, random animals yet another. Please know I’d have him do it but that only results in both of us getting sucked into ANOTHER invasion, because life is too short not to stop and well… anyway,


8- Sooooooooooo, ummm.. yeah, I just checked the mail and now I am faced with tidy up invasion.. or read this:


decisions, decisions, decisions….

9-I finally went to the grocery store, and now I want to scream when I hear ” But moommmmm there’s nothing to eat here…”

10- Dear Lupine, thank you for not perishing in the may snow shower…dear dandelion, die.


11- This weekend… yup, you guessed it. LAX. And please beers. I need beers.


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts:

  1. Madison you are such a beautiful girl – becoming a beautiful young lady. Wow what a wonderful subject for any photog

  2. She sure does get more and more beautiful each time I see her. Did you get the tickets? Doug loves them. Maybe that would be a reason to get us out to COS. Long trip for a concert but totally worth it.

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