Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1-I know I asked for warm, sunny, rain and wind free weather, but I have to admit. I like the rain.

2- I am however very confused as to why my backyard is lush and green, and my front yard is dead and well, more dead?

3-So last weekend, I took photos and I am STILL editing them. I took a crap ton of photos. And you know there will be a blog…. if I can ever get through the editing process.

4- Watch THIS now. And prepare to laugh. Oh and maybe watch it again.

5- Dear Adam, I’m sorry I will miss this event. Oh how I wish I weren’t.

6- Oh and I can’t get enough of THIS. Really. I know, I’m like 16 or something, but I love it.

7- Go back and watch No. 4 again. Just do it.

8- Speaking of funny, I have been needing a laugh lately, so I might have checked THIS out again.  It’s an oldie, but goodie.

9- I need something new to read… suggestions???

10- Oh did I mention that I ripped a hole in my favorite pair of jeans…. darn.. guess I’ll have to wear athletic gear. Although, I want everyone to know, I do NOT roll out in yoga pants, a jog bra, a tank top, face fully made up and flip flops. That makes it SOOOOO obvious the intention is not to work out…

11- This weekend.. wait for it… Lax. Oh and my anniversary.. oh and mother’s day. Now that I think about it, this weekend  this mom is guaranteed a pedi!


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