Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- LOVING the sunshine. I had to draaaagggg myself inside for this post.

2- THESE are screaming my name…

3- Pretty sure I had too many margaritas last night…

4- I took this during mother’s day.. LOVE.


5- I have no idea why I love cooking blogs when the fact is… I can’t cook.

6- The above statement does not stop me from reading cooking blogs and really wanting to make THESE . Gahhh I want them now. Can’t they just magically appear in my oven?

7- Let’s talk America’s Next Top Model, yes.. yes I have finished ALL the seasons. But I have to say, I was SO disappointed in season 19.  They actually cast a girl that was suspended from high school for fighting, uummmummm yeah. Soooo WTF were they thinking giving a BULLY the chance to win, giving a BULLY time in the spotlight. She is what’s wrong with girls in this day and age.  She actually almost made me just skip right to the last episode because I was SOOOOOO disgusted by her, in fact, so disgusted by the whole program that I wrote a letter. I know it probably won’t get read, but whatever. It needed to be written. I hope a lot of people wrote in about her. There is simply no excuse to spotlight some one as disrespectful, downright mean, hateful, and rude as her. STILL FUMING>

8- Can’t. Stop. listening. to. THIS. 

9- This makes me so angry. I hate these little buggers and can’t wait to get to the store and buy some killer. Die.


10- This is the BEST thing I’ve purchased in like, oh, I don’t know, forever… LOVE.

11- This weekend. Yup, LAX. But not your every day LAX, state championship LAX. WHOO HOOOO!!

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