Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- No really, is it already Thursday?

2- I still haven’t unpacked from our trip to Steamboat Springs.

3- Oh by the way… did I mention I saw these: I’m in LOVE. Can I have one, please please please?



4- So, on a serious note, if you haven’t been to Steamboat.. you should go. It’s A-MAZ-ING.


5- I did however learn that 6, 14 year olds… in one room…. equals HUGE mess.

6- So I pulled my electric can open off the counter, I just felt like I had to much.. stuff  on my counter. I  realized.. it’s faster and easier to just use the hand twisty one. I know, totally random thought.

7- Just put THIS on my phone. Thanks Stacey for the idea.

8- So the little took a digger in the road yesterday. Totally scraped up his knee with some serious road rash. Now, he refuses to walk. No seriously, he’s all.. Mom can you pick me upa, my leg isn’t wuuurrking. And then I ask him which leg, at which point and time he can’t remember which leg isn’t wuuuurking, but he’s pretty sure he can’t walk. To whom do I owe the thanks for delivering me a drama queen?

9-I totally just remembered I left my bourbon slush in the freezer in Steamboat. DAMN. DOUBLE DAMN.

10- So I totally want to put a picture I took  on this facebook page, because they pick, like, weekly favorites. Bad thing is they want you to put your facebook page up there, and your website up there too. So I was snooping around at last weeks favorites, and all the people have like, 1500 likes on their page and their website is awesome. I have ummmm 30 likes on my facebook page, and well… no website. Scratch that idea.

11- My head has been hurting for roughly two weeks now. I think it’s because I have SOOOOO much freaking hair and it is always in a pony tail. So today I have decided that I will not wear it in a pony tail, of course I would pick the windiest day EVER. Have I mentioned that I LOATHE hair stuck in my lipgloss?  Headache/ hairy lipgloss.. choices choices?

12- This weekend. Nope no lacrosse. Ahhhhhhh, but we will be driving to Denver for a family birthday. Whatever, a clean house, and clean clothes are over rated. Family is far more fun than chores!

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