Lane and O

Here’s the truth:

20 years ago their mom was the first person to be nice to me at a new school, my senior year. And to this day, I can’t thank her enough.  Dear school counselor, thank you for making me take Mrs. Hampton’s Chemistry class.

Here’s the truth:

My favorite bachelorette party belongs to their mom. Followed closely by THIS one. Lucky for their mom I’m too lazy to dig out those pictures. But know that I have them….

Here’s the truth:

If you look up BOY in the dictionary, there would most definitely be a picture of these two.

fb2 lo1

My FAV.. totally over exposed. 😦




lo25 lo27 lo11


012bw lo34

I don’t know why.. but I just LOVE these kids in black and white… LOVE LOVE LOVE

lo35 lo33




o4bw o3

And of course… it wouldn’t be a complete session with out boys being boys…


l14 lo15 lo17s

oh and a photo bomb by a big brother…


Here’s the truth:

Every time I see these boys I’m sooooooo-

1- Thankful that I am not the only mom in the world with crazy boys!

2- Amazed at how big they suddenly are; where does time go? Seems like just yesterday their mom and I were…ummm ahhhh, yeah, we were doing…yeahhh.. ahhh.. stuff that they will never do.

3- Excited for what the future holds for them!


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