Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Sooooo, yeah, Colorado is on fire again. Heartbreaking.

2- I may in fact enjoy photographing my dog more than my kids.



3- Last weekend of Lacrosse. Bittersweet….

4- So I’ve totally been on a salad kick lately. THIS looks like heaven.

5- Did I mention that I AM SO BUMMED that the Riesling wine slushee was just not my thing? SO BUMMED-

6- Does anyone remember when woody lost his head? Sadly we have another headless Disney character in our house….meet Ferb and….. phineas?



7- So umm ahhh Yeah, NO. 1- need I say more. Desserts for Dudes

8-To pull weeds, or not to pull weeds…. not to pull weeds.

9- So, I’m totally consumed by the TV and the news and can’t seem to get this post done. On that note…

10- This weekend…. please rain.

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