Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- If you asked me on Sunday, if I was going to make it to Thursday I would have laughed, out loud, and then promptly fallen asleep.

2- Yup, below are ROCKSTARS. Or at least we thought we were! Gary Allan, here we come. Thanks to that lady on the left for all these awesome pics!


3- What we didn’t count on was standing in a dust bowl amidst one million 20 somethings who all had tooooo much to drink. Oh yeah, did I mention it was 9:00 at night… and we are NOT 20 something…. and it was so smokey, and hot, and well… dusty.

4-But man was it worth it. Worth it to hang with my long lost BFF at a concert we LOVE.  The chance to introduce my S-I-L to the crazy world of Gary Allan, and the opportunity to spend some time with someone who might possibly be one of the greatest people I know.

The start of the gary allan love….


Me and the BFF when we REALLY were rock stars….Hanging with her almost made me want to go back to work, just so I could spend everyday with her, oh and maybe escape the little.





5- All in all tho- it was just what I needed to kick my funk. Good times with great people. And a quick reminder that I am not as young as I use to be. We got to meet some of the band, so fun. Of course that made me come home and immediately play my guitar ’til my fingers bled. Guess what, I won’t be joining a band anytime soon. I’m just that bad at guitar.

6- Hey Gary Allan and band.. please come back soon. Oh and if you haven’t been to a Gary show, find one, NOW.

7- So I stole this from my fav blog, but I HAD too, so freaking funny. **** Please note profanity in the link****

8-I made this last night, but added sliced fresh peaches to it… yes, I did. So GOOD!- Easy Blackberry Cobbler

9- Oh yeah, and last night while we were swimming at family night I ran into my fav 5th grade teacher and the parent of THESE boys.. guess what she said… I can hardly contain my excitement, she bought, wait for it…..

wait for it,

WINE SLUSHIE….. Can’t wait for another night of great friends and great drinks.

10- This weekend.. NADA. We are doing nothing, zip, zero, zlich. AHHHHHHH feels good to have nothing planned.


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