Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Potty training may in fact drive me to drink. More than normal.


Funny ecard -

3- Today was the day I told myself I would start off eating a little healthier. You know, then slowly maybe wean myself off the junk food. Or… for old times’ sake have a handful of nacho cheese Doritos and a mini powdered sugar donut for breakfast, washed down with a splash of coffee in my creamer.

4-So my neighbors have scraped their front yard… that means two days of the mini backhoe thingy going and stopping and going and stopping and going and stopping…. starting today yea, no backhoe thingy.. instead, flagstone saw, on.. off.. on.. off…. on..well you get the picture. Oh yes, I want to click my heels together and say  “there’s no place like home”, oh wait I am home.

5- Remember no 3. The little, middle and I just made chocolate chip cookies to pass the time while stuck at home working on the potty stuff….

6-Let’s talk about this….. I love it.


7- But then again there is this…


8- so I think my fish tank has been eating fish… there were four… and suddenly there were only three.. only I couldn’t find a “floater” or a “sinker” for that matter, yesterday there were three.. and today… two. Again, no floater or sinker. Where in the h-e- double hockey sticks did the two fish go? I mean I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for them. And this is not a big tank here folks, like 1.5 gallons?

9- Please hold, I might have had to eat a spoonful of cookie dough.

10- Next week the big and the middle are going to the sunny state of FL for 9 days. The husband and I will be eating things like THIS for those ten days. Oh and about 12 of the ideas in this months Real Simple. You should go get it. Now.

11- This weekend… please little.. please. PUT THE PEE PEE IN THE POTTY.


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