Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- so um, yeah, today is friday. oops.

2- the middle and big are in Flordia for a week or so… pretty much that means the little and I spent the past three days hermiting. Hermit to the point that if you were to have randomly stopped by you would have found us on the couch buried in fruit loops, raspberry ice crystal lite, playing plants vs zombies each on our own kindle. yup… hermit.

3- Have you ever played plants vs zombies? No seriously… I know it’s an old game,  but I’m like… addicted.

4- Speaking of addicted.. the little watches THIS at least twice a day.  Which leads me to sing THIS and THIS all day. ALLLLLLLLLL day.

5-So yesterday I went to Little Monkey business for the first time.  Sometimes I want to shake people… How hard is it to tell your kid, before you walk in, IF YOU TOUCH ANYONE WE ARE LEAVING. So my kid is popping fake bubbles on this thing on the floor with fake bubbles. Having a great time. Another kid joins him. This kids been pretty darn nice the entire time we’ve been there so I think nothing of it. Until I watch him wrestle my kid to the floor, at which point I give him the ” probably not a good idea” eye. Mind you, this is after being there for an hour and already watching a little girl rip the ball out of my kids hands, and another kids hands, and then put them all in a corner and refuse to share them. Oh yeah, and having that same little girl scream at me that she will in fact ” NOT SHARE” the paints and she doesn’t have to, all while her oblivious mom sips her latte while engaging in a conversation with two other moms. Oh yeah, after I had to actually raise my voice to a kid who was kicking and punching another kid who was screaming for him to stop and for her mom all while his dad surfed his i-pad. hello…people. parents??? So I give the kid they eye. That should be enough right, not. Seriously less than two minutes later he picks the little up, throws him on the ground and then launches himself on top of him. At which point I look at the mother, who is eating her salad with a friend, but now is standing up, all in a rush, and,yes, I might have yelled, SERIOUSLY?  What I wanted to yell was WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you people. How hard is it to stop sipping your latte, put the I Pad away and pay attention to your kid? Yeah, guess what, that is exactly what I had to do because guess what, my kid isn’t perfect and he did in fact shove another kid who wasn’t moving fast enough and guess what. My kid had to stop what he was doing, say he was sorry and acknowledge that we don’t push, or shove, we wait, patiently for our turn?  supervise…  be a parent.. try it out? I’m not asking you to hover, I’m asking you to pay attention.

6- Better yet today. As I was backing out of a parking spot at a strip mall I look over at the car next to me, and in it are a four year old, strapped in his car seat, and what looks like a five maybe almost 6 year old beating the crap out of him. He’s screaming, she’s hitting him. What the hell? In the car?? No parent? All the windows up? Thankfully the lady that pulled into the spot on the other side of them made them get out and marched them into one of the stores, hopefully to find a parent.

7- Please hold, I may have had to eat one of these:

8- I finished Friday Night Lights. I was so sad. I never wanted it to end. Ever.

9- YES. TO. THIS.  Hello #8, #14,#25 all of them… twice, #50, OMG #53.

10-This weekend… Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

I may re-watch friday night lights. I loved it that much.


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