Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- gahhh is it really already thursday?

2- having my husband home all day… well let’s just say it’s day one and I may not make it to day two.

3- The big and the middle are back from FL, man those kids can leave a mess in the wake behind them.

4- THIS.  too damn funny.

5-So right before the big and the middle left  we were driving around, running errands, when the little spilled his fruit loops, and from the back seat I hear ” bastard”.  Ummm, ahhhhh.. and then the middle looks at me and says, ” that’s alll you”.

6-I may in fact be over this….

7- remember when I said while the big and the middle were gone the husband and I were going to eat… well… more healthy-ish foods. Totally didn’t happen. While I may have bought all the fixens for the healthy-ish foods, they are now sitting lonely in my fridge, right next to the left over panino’s, Fargo’s, and Chinese. Oops.

8- I need a vacation from my life, anyone want to join me?

9- Senior pic’s… anyone anyone?

10-This weekend……convince my little that I am the boss period (.). This may cause me to drink.


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