Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- OMG it’s Saturday. No seriously, Saturday? Deep breath in, deep breath out, where the heck did last week go?

2- So the little started school!

tt1 tt2

and suddenly I had this whole new lease on life. Three whole hours of free time. Let me say that again, THREE WHOLE HOURS of ME time. It’s amazing what you can’t accomplish in three hours.

3- First day of preschool, I was sitting at my computer, and the door bell rang and I sprung up thinking, MAN ALIVE don’t wake the sleeping little. Ahhh yeah, it was like 9:45 in the AM and the little was at school. DUH.

5- THIS. Yes, please. Like she said, cheese on cheese.. it can’t be wrong.

6- It may, in fact, be time to address a serious issue I have. I’ve been hiding this secret for a while now. But here it is. I love Pitbull. No, really, love him. Even when he wears all white suits.


It all started with THIS song-and no I am not a fan of the video… sometimes, when I am the only person in the car i may in fact turn the bass up and pretend I am twenty something to THIS song.

8- Can we stop with the obsession for a moment, and talk about the lady that answers the phone at the high school. She is cranky. She almost makes me NEVER want to call the high school again. My first experience with her was when I called and told her that I had a sports package to drop off and before I could finish my question she already had me transferred to some athletic directors voice mail. So I had to call back and forcefully mention something about NOT BEING TRANSFERRED at which time she told me your high -schooler needs to got to the cafeteria and then she hung up. Ok…. so when I called to discuss protocol to get my freshmen excused for a dentist appointment, again.. with the shortness. “Next time you’ll need to write him a note and he’ll need to bring that here FIRST”. Mental note, call someone else at the high school if you need anything OR pray she doesn’t answer next time you call.

9-Can someone please tell me the best app to track my distance be it walking or running on my iPhone? There are too many. I just want the easiest most user friendly.

10- Well I survived week one of school for the big, middle, and little. Here’s to week two, and actually getting something accomplished during my three hours!!!


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