Thursday’s Thoughts-

Here’s the truth:

1- Yesssss, I remembered today is Thursday.

2- Last week I was so caught up in disclosing my Pitbull love that I totally forgot to mention THIS. YES THAT. (make sure to scroll down or you’ll be sad you didn’t)I have never really been a big fan of him. I always felt a little loyalty to Alex. He always seemed like a snake that totally stole Alex’s spot… But. ummm ahhhh WOW. HELLO Colin.

3- Speaking of football.. I am so ready for the regular season to start!

4- So, I am totally over the blurred lines song. Yes, over it. Tired of it, especially after the VMA’s and the beetle-juice/miley cyrus thingy. Alas, the big still listens to it, when it comes on in the car, he totally turns it up.. and then unbeknownst to me, I am suddenly singing along (hey hey hey). Whhhhhat. Make it stop.

5- Speaking of the big and I.. we both have the same favorite song right now. THIS one. I am so bummed. I should have taken him to the concert at red rocks, we would have had so much fun. Well I would have, I can’t imagine being 14 at a concert with your mom is the definition of cool or fun.

6-Let’s talk about all the wonderful things I’ve accomplished during my “luke free” time. Ahhhh, ummmmmmm, ahhh yeah. Nada. Well I have managed to run 1.5 miles three times this week. Thank you all for  the app suggestions.

7- So, umm while typing this my sister put THIS on my FB page. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

8-is this post full of links or what??

9- I started watching True Blood again. I totally had to start over with season one since I watched it like…  years ago. Why am I not loving it as much as game of thrones? Maybe I will just give up on TV shows and read all the books the big is suppose to read this year. That way, when it comes time to write a paper I’ll have some idea how much of the book HE didn’t really read and just had a friend tell him about.

10- Have I mentioned that having my husband home with me is well…. anyway… recently in an intense game of soccer with the big and the little, my husband was pretty sure he was Tim Howard in the goal and managed to dislocate his shoulder. He hasn’t been able to move his right arm since sunday. So.. having a broken husband at home with me all day…. yeah,  he’s going to the doctor today if I have to drug him and drag him there.

11- This weekend…well, i’m so consumed by the hurt husband, and the little going to school, and the big playing soccer, and the middle playing both lacrosse and field hockey, and how to get the middle home from school everyday since the little is still asleep at that time…. that I really have NO idea what is planned for this weekend.


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